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Disabling Auto-charge

Do you wish to disable this feature for your recurring invoice? Read here.

If your customer wishes to pay you offline, or you they do not want Auto-charge to take place, you can always disable Auto-charge for your recurring invoice.

Auto-charge Disable

Stopping and Deleting Recurring Invoices

Stop your recurring invoice from generating any more invoices or delete the recurring invoice completely.

If your customer suspends the project or the service that is being rendered on a regular basis, that is to be resumed soon, you can Stop the recurring invoice and Start it whenever necessary.

If the whole project or service is cancelled, then you can delete the recurring invoice.

Stop, Delete Recurring Invoice

To Stop

Insight: To start the recurring invoice again, select Start from the More drop down.

To Delete

Deleting Customer’s Card

If your customer does not wish to have their credentials with you, or if it stops working, delete their card details from your Zoho Invoice account.

Delete Customer's Card

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