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Item Preferences

Item Preferences allows you to change the settings related to the Items module and enable or disable Price Lists. To go to item preferences:

Go to Item Preferences Image

Alternatively, if you’re in the Items module, you can directly go to Item Preferences by clicking the Settings icon in the top-right corner.

Items module - preferences navigtion

Set a Decimal Value for Item Quantity

Set Decimal Value Image

Enable or Disable Price Lists

Enable or Disable Price Lists

Manage Additional Fields

By default, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and Item Image are available as additional fields.

Manage Additional Fields

You can add your own custom fields to store and display additional information. Let’s look at how they can help you.

Custom Fields

If you have an office with folders stacked in a shelf, Custom Fields are like extra folders that you can add to your already existing folders to store more files.

Custom Fields are fields that you can manually add to the item creation page to store additional information about the item.

Scenario: David sells beds to his customers which are of different sizes. He wants to store their specifications along with the item. So, David creates a custom field with the different sizes listed in a dropdown. The custom field is displayed in the item creation form where David chooses the appropriate size and stores the relevant information.

Like David, you might want to create custom fields in different circumstances that are unique to your business. Let’s look into how you can create a custom field and use it to store additional information about an item.

To create a Custom Field:

Custom Fields Text

Data Type Description
Text You can enter a short text of a maximum of 100 characters. The supported characters are A-Z, 0-9 and special characters.
Email An email address can be stored using this data type.
URL This data type allows you to enter an URL .
Phone You can enter a contact number.
Number You can add any positive or negative number.
Decimal Any positive or negative number with a decimal value can be added.
Amount You can enter any amount using this data type. It will be displayed along with the currency.
Percent You can enter any positive number as percentage.
Date You can select a date from the calendar.
Check Box A checkbox can be used to confirm an action, make a choice or answer a question.
Auto-Generate Number You can add alplabets and numbers as prefix or suffix and auto-generate serial numbers.
Dropdown A list of options can be added and you can select from them.

Custom Field pop-up

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