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Lasse Hoydal
CEO & Owner, EuroBox
"We are very happy with Zoho Subscriptions. We took the leap from an industry standard system to a recurring billing system, and we feel we really found what we were looking for. All the automation related to invoicing, dunning and collections has been really great."

Eurobox Minilager operates out of Norway and has been in the self-storage business since 1993. Self-storage (or self-service storage) involves renting out various kinds of storage space to tenants. Eurobox buys, develops, maintains, rents and sells a large number of self-storage sites across Norway. Their main business involves renting out this storage space on a subscription basis.

Moving away from clunky industry-standard software.

Recurring billing had always been a challenge for Eurobox. While there were many billing software packages designed specifically for self-storage businesses, they were outdated and could not fully automate many time consuming tasks (such as invoicing, dunning management and collections). These tasks had to be done manually as a consequence.

With these software packages causing a huge bottleneck, Lasse and his team started looking for a recurring billing software that would automate a lot of that drudgery.

After investigating and comparing numerous recurring billing solutions, they finally decided upon Zoho Subscriptions.

Why Zoho Subscriptions?

Lasse ended up choosing Zoho Subscriptions over other recurring billing software mainly because it was extremely flexible – they could mold it to fit their specific needs, something not possible in standard recurring billing software.

Some of the reasons why they chose Zoho Subscriptions were:

  • 1. The flexible API:

    In Lasse's words: "Zoho Subscriptions has a fantastic API. It is probably the main deciding factor why we went with Zoho. We use it a lot in combination with Zoho Creator. Some of the tasks for which we rely on the API are: Inventory control (physical goods), SMS to customers and PCI compliant hosted payment pages."

  • 2. Integrations:

    The integration with Zoho Creator (which allows you to create your own mini-apps) combined with the flexibility of the API meant the ability to automate otherwise time consuming tasks. Zoho Creator's easy-to-use Deluge scripting language meant they could easily create some of the apps they needed without any programming know-how.

    Plus, the seamless integration with Zoho Books (which is free with Zoho Subscriptions) and Zoho CRM was another factor which made them go with Zoho Subscriptions.

  • 3. Customer support:

    Lasse says, "We were impressed by the responsiveness we have received from the support team - one of the main reasons why we chose this software."

  • 4. Handling offline customers:

    Unlike most recurring billing software, Zoho Subscriptions allows you to seamlessly manage old-school customers who make all their payments offline.

    Eurobox had a large number of such customers when they chose to make the jump. As such, the ability to handle all these offline payments easily was a huge reason for them choosing Zoho Subscriptions.

The final verdict

Overall, Lasse has been very satisfied with his choice of Zoho Subscriptions. He says, "Zoho Subscriptions was the best in (meeting) all our criteria - payment gateways, regular AR functionality, ease of use, online and offline invoicing and API. We are also extremely happy with the responsiveness of their support team."


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