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Tax Integrated Checkout

Replicate a checkout scenario where a tax rate is associated to the purchase, based on the state and region.

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ZYLKER Fitness
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Zylker Fitness provides 3 pricing plans

Select a plan of your choice and your region to check out with the taxes automatically associated.
Like in this demo page you can do the following with your Zoho Subscriptions account:
Provide the different pricing plans as a dropdown.
Let the potential customer choose the region they are in.
Automatically add the tax rate (based on the region) to the sub-total and display the total in the order summary form.

This demo shows how you can accept inputs from your customers on your website/web app and direct them to a customized checkout page which factors in those inputs. This can be done by establishing a server-to-server connection with Zoho Subscriptions and creating a hosted payment page via API.

If you do not have the underlying server capabilities to establish this connection, you can use Zoho Creator, which can receive inputs from your website and relay those inputs to Zoho Subscriptions, in order to create an API hosted payment page. This server-to-server communication requires authentication via OAuth, which can be set up in a few simple steps using Connections in Zoho Creator.

We've provided a snippet below which you can use to test this workflow with your own website or web app. Before using the snippet ensure that you've created a Zoho OAuth Connection in Zoho Creator that's named "zoho_subscriptions" with the following scopes:

  • ZohoSubscriptions.hostedpages.READ
  • ZohoSubscriptions.hostedpages.CREATE

Next, replace organization_id in the code with your organization's actual ID, which can be found by going to Zoho Subscriptions and clicking the name of your organization in the top right corner. The snippet is now ready to use.

       organizationId = "{organization_id}";
       planCode = plan_code;

Download Snippet
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