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Future date checkout

Mimic a checkout scenario by creating a subscription with the start date in the future.

This is a demo
ZYLKER Fitness
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Zylker Fitness has 3 different plans

Select one and add the date on which you wish to begin your fitness transition. No pressure.
Like in this demo page you can do the following with your Zoho Subscriptions account:
Give the different pricing plans from which the potential customer can choose one.
Let them decide the start date for the subscription.
Provide a message in the subscription payment page, providing th date on which the subscription will be activated.

In this checkout demo, an API-based hosted payment page is used. The hosted page URL generate API is an authenticated API, so this has to be made S2S (server to server).

If you do not use any underlying server for your website or your site has only static content, then you can use Zoho Creator as the underlying server. Since Zoho Subscriptions and Zoho Creator are integrated by default, you don't have to set up anything.

So, Zoho Creator will act as the back-end server, receive input from your front-end, make API calls to Zoho Subscriptions to create hosted page URL, and then redirects users to that URL. We will provide you with the required Zoho Creator code snippet. For this customizable checkout demo, you just have to replace the placeholder for authtoken and organization ID. You can find the code snippet below:

       authtoken = "{authtoken}";
       organizationId = "{organization_id}";

Download Snippet
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