Comprehensive subscription management solution

Zoho Subscriptions is armed with extensive features to help growing businesses stay on top of their billing and customer subscription handling.

Recurring billing & invoicing

Take care of your billing and invoicing with minimal manual effort

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Tailor your invoices

Customize every aspect of your invoices before sending them to customers. Zoho Subscriptions offers different invoice templates for you to choose from.

Automate invoicing

Forget about sending invoices for each subscription renewal. Zoho Subscriptions automatically sends out invoices during every billing cycle, based on the set billing frequency.

Handle prorated billing

Don't worry about the billing calculations when a customer upgrades or downgrades their subscription. Zoho Subscriptions automatically calculates the prorated usage and bills your customers.

Customize billing cycles

Get flexible with billing cycles. With Zoho Subscriptions, charge your customers based on when they signed up or on a day of the month you choose.

Stay tax compliant

Zoho Subscriptions has dedicated editions for the US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and a Global edition to help you sell globally and stay tax-compliant.

Subscription management

Create products, plans, addons, and manage the complete customer subscription life cycle.

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Customize your products

Add the products or services you sell, in Zoho Subscriptions. You can manage multiple products and edit the information anytime.

Offer various pricing plans

Reach out to all sectors of customers by offering different pricing plans. You can add and manage these pricing plans in Zoho Subscriptions with ease.

Provide addons

If you have addons for customers to choose from, you can add them in Zoho Subscriptions. You can create multiple one-time or recurring addons and associate them with pricing plans.

Sweeten the plans with coupons

Draw in more customers with coupons. Add one-time or forever-valid coupons to your plans and manage them in Zoho Subscriptions. You can also set expiration dates for these coupons.

Create and manage multiple subscriptions

No more worrying about managing multiple subscriptions. With Zoho Subscriptions, you can simplify the process and even send a consolidated invoice to a customer who has multiple subscriptions.

Recurring payments & accounting

Ensure payments come on time by facilitating payments through multiple methods.

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Provide more payment options

Zoho Subscriptions offers multiple payment methods through which your customers can make payments for their subscriptions: cash, check, online banking, credit card, and ACH.

Sell globally and get paid

If you have customers from all around the world, give them the ease of paying in their native currency. Zoho Subscriptions supports multiple currencies.

Receive payments through hosted pages

You can do away with creating compliant webpages to collect payments. Just use Zoho Subscriptions' PCI-compliant hosted pages and accelerate your payment collection.

Automate retry settings

Whenever a card payment fails, Zoho Subscriptions' dunning setting kicks into action and retries the card based on a schedule you set, and helps recover revenue that might have been lost.

Update card details automatically

Quit worrying about reminding customers to update their card details before it expires. Zoho Subscriptions automatically sends reminders before a card expires.

Account for payments

Apart from just receiving recurring payments, you can also account for them using the built-in integration with Zoho Books.

Subscription metrics & reports

Stay updated about your subscription business metrics with comprehensive reports.

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Intuitive dashboard

Get key insights right from the dashboard. Zoho Subscriptions' extensive dashboard provides you with information about your net revenue, churn rate, activations and cancellations.

Stay on top of your finances

Zoho Subscriptions offers a variety of financial reports to help you assess your business performance, like net revenue, MRR, invoice details, and sales reports among others.

Customize reports

You can run reports for a particular product or for a specific time period.

Know your taxes

Stay updated about your taxable amount and the amount of tax you have collected from your customers. Zoho Subscriptions offers a complete tax summary report to help you file your returns.

Reports on the fly

You can print reports as formatted hard copies to go or even export them in PDF, XLS or CSV formats.

Subscription automation

Automate billing and subscription related tasks with the help of workflow rules and webhooks.

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Create webhooks

You can create webhooks and receive information about events related to subscriptions, payments, invoices, and much more.

Set up workflow rules

Set up workflows based on various triggers and get notified. For example, you can create a workflow to receive a customized email whenever a customer subscribes to your highest paid plan, to keep you up to date.

Send and receive email notifications

Zoho Subscriptions provides ready-to-use email notifications for a wide range of scenarios like trial expiry, payment initiated, payment thank-you, and many more. You just need to enable them. You can also customize the email content to suit your needs.


Zoho Subscriptions offers its APIs to help users build a robust product on a strong foundation.

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Explore our open APIs

Zoho Subscriptions' open APIs are available for everyone to use and develop on.

Expert support

Talk to your peer developers to understand our APIs better. You can be assured of support throughout the setup process.

Customer portal

Provide customers with a handy self-service portal to help them view invoices and make payments.

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Provide a single interface

Offer your customers access to their subscriptions, invoices, and the payments made. They can also cancel their subscription from the portal.

Let customers edit their information

Provide customers with the option to edit their information. Once enabled, they can edit their billing and shipping addresses and contact details.

Be notified about changes

You can choose to receive email notifications whenever a customer makes changes in the portal.

Enable information sharing

Give your customers the ability to forward their invoices to other people. These people will be added as contact persons automatically.

Get reviews

You can also ask for honest reviews about your product or service using the Customer Portal.


Take your business to the next level with powerful integrations.

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Zoho Subscriptions is integrated with Zoho Books to help you account for payments and reconcile your accounts seamlessly.


Connect your Zoho Subscriptions account with Zoho CRM to bring your customer information and their subscription information under one roof.


Zoho Subscriptions is integrated with Zoho Cliq and Slack to help you interact with your employees and stay notified about your business.

Cloud integrators

Apart from the built-in integrations, you can also connect Zoho Subscriptions with more than 1000 apps using Zoho Flow and Zapier.

Custom integrations

Integrate with Zoho Creator to create customized hosted pages to collect payments and manage the subscriptions in Zoho Subscriptions.


Integrate your Zoho Subscriptions account with Zoho Analytics to get in-depth subscription business metrics at your fingertips.

Users & roles

Invite your employees as users and assign them roles to enhance collaboration.

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Invite users

Send invites to employees asking them to join your organization in Zoho Subscriptions.

Access or restrict permissions

Create a customized role and assign them to users. Specify the modules you'd like them to access.

Message from CEO

Zoho is a software company that ships 45+ products globally. Operating on a subscription pricing model for more than 20 years has given us the opportunity to face and overcome the practical pain points of subscription businesses. Let us solve your subscription billing challenges, together.

Sridhar Vembu

CEO, Zoho Corporation

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