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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of invoices?

The different types of invoices are:

Proforma invoices: A document that states the commitment of the seller to deliver goods and services to the buyer for an agreed price.

Commercial invoice: A document used for customs in the sale of goods that exported across the international borders.

Credit notes: A document issued to the buyer in case of goods retuned due to damage or any mistakes made.

Timesheet invoice: Invoice created for work done on hourly basis.

Recurring Invoices: Invoices created and send to customers on a regular interval.

Why is it important to add due date on the invoice?

Adding the due date in your invoice will encourage your customers to make the payment within a certain period, ensuring you get paid on time.

Can I customize this blank invoice?

With the Free Invoice Generator from you do not have the option to customize the blank invoices. However, the invoice templates from Zoho Invoice are fully customizable. You can sign up to the free plan of Zoho Invoice to customize your invoices. You can choose a template of your choice and customize it to suit your brand. Know more about customizing invoices.

Can I edit my invoices?

Yes, Zoho Invoice lets you edit the invoices. You can then download, print, or send a copy of the edited invoice to the customer. Learn how to edit invoices in Zoho Invoice.

I need to change the date format for my invoices. Can I do it from the Invoice Creator?

No, with the free invoice creator tool, you cannot change the date format. However, with Zoho Invoice app you can change the date format of your invoices. Learn more

Do I have the option to add discounts to my invoices?

You do not have the option to add discounts within this Invoice generator. However, by signing up for the Free Zoho Invoice software, you can add discounts to your invoices.

I need to add an additional field to my invoice. How can I do that?

You can sign up to Zoho Invoice for Free and add additional fields to your invoices. Zoho Invoice supports custom fields, letting you capture additional information in your invoices. Know more

I need to create recurring invoices. What is the solution?

With Zoho Invoice, you can create recurring invoices for transactions that takes place on a regular interval. Read more about recurring invoices. If you have a subscription model of business you might like to try Zoho Subscriptions.

Can I create invoices in different languages?

Zoho Invoice supports over 17 languages, letting you send invoices in multiple languages depending on your need. Learn more

Can I add a salesperson when I create an invoice?

Yes, with Zoho Invoice you can add Salesperson to your invoices. Know more

Is there a way I can do my invoicing on the go?

The mobile app (iOS, Android, Windows) from Zoho Invoice lets you manage your business invoicing from anywhere, anytime.