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Recurring Invoices

Recurring invoices are invoices that are created to invoice your customers on a regular interval.

Understanding Recurring Invoices

Let’s see how John uses the Recurring Invoice feature for his business.

Scenario: John owns a bookstore and he regularly supplies notebooks to a particular school. John felt it would be easier if the system can automatically create and send invoices for the books he sold. Using the Recurring Invoices feature in Zoho Invoice, he sets the frequency as monthly and allocates the items. By this way, every month, invoices get automatically sent to the school.

Similarly, you can use the Recurring Invoices feature to auto-send invoices to the customers to whom you’ll be sending invoices at a particular interval.

Before we see the various sections of recurring invoice, ensure that you have enabled this module from the preferences. If not, do so by clicking the gear icon > Preferences > General > Recurring Invoice.


Creating Recurring invoices

Bill your customers on a regular interval for the same amount of product/services offered.

Associating projects to Recurring Invoices

Bill your customers on regular intervals for the unbilled hours in a project.

Manage Recurring invoices

Manage the listing of your recurring profiles effectively.

Recurring Invoice Preferences

Configure your recurring invoice preferences here.

More with Recurring Invoices

Checkout to know the functionalities of the ‘More’ button.

Recurring Invoice Reports

Get a consolidated information of all the recurring profiles available in the system along with the details of payment failures, payment retries and card expiry.