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Migrate your organization to a GST ready organization. 

  With the Goods and Services Tax coming into effect from July 1, 2017, it would be necessary for all businesses to start filing their returns as per the new taxation model. Zoho Invoice helps you generate GST compliant outward supply reports and lets you configure GST taxes making your organization all set for GST. 

  If you are an existing Zoho Invoice user, you will have to carry out a few simple step in order to make your organization GST ready. 

Enable GST Settings   To begin with, you will see a migration wizard when you log into your Zoho Invoice account. Click on the Start Migrating button to initiate the migration process. 

Enable GST Settings

Now, you will be taken to another screen where you will have update a series of tabs.   

Tax Preference

The GST rates will already be pre-populated in Zoho Invoice. As a part of GST migration, you will have to set the default tax rates for intra and interstate transactions.

To set your default tax rates,

Enable GST Settings

Goods and Services

After setting the tax preference, update your product information in the next screen. 

Enable GST Settings


Update your customer information

Enable GST Settings

Insight: You can choose multiple customers by ticking the checkbox and Bulk Apply the details in one go. You can also choose to skip this step and proceed further, however you would be notified to update them while creating transactions. 

Recurring invoices

  The tax rates on recurring invoices and the recurring bills created before July 1st would be nullified and you will have to update your new tax rates. 

Enable GST Settings

After you complete all the steps, you will get a success message. This means that your organization is successfully migrated to GST.

Enable GST Settings