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Snail Mail Extension

Snail mail refers to the mails sent through the postal service. You can use the Snail Mail extension in Zoho Invoice to send physical copies of your invoices and quotes to your customers.

Prerequisite: You should have an active Postal Methods account. If you do not have an account already, create a new account.

Install the Snail Mail Extension

To send snail mails to your customers in Zoho Invoice, you should install the extension. Here’s how:

Click Install Click Next Click Connect Click Accept Click Install Extension

The Snail Mail extension will be installed in your Zoho Invoice organization.

Edit Your Snail Mail Preferences

To change your snail mail preferences in Zoho Invoice:

Click View details Click Configure

You can continue using the snail mail extension.

Send Snail Mails to Your Customers

Prerequisite: You can send snail mails for Draft or Approved quotes and invoices only.

Note: The latest extension you installed will be displayed in the custom button. In this case, click the dropdown next to the custom button and select Snail Mail.

Click Snail Mail Click Send

Check Snail Mail Status

After sending a snail mail, you can check its status in your Postal Methods account. Here’s how:

Click Check Status

You will be redirected to your Postal Methods account where you can view the status of your snail mail.

Uninstall Snail Mail Extension

To stop sending snail mails or viewing the snail mail history of your invoices and quotes, you can uninstall the extension. Here’s how:

Click View details Click Uninstall

Your snail mail extension will be uninstalled from Zoho Invoice.

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