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Quotes are documents which denote the approximate cost of products or services you sell.

Understanding Quotes

Quote (Formerly Estimate), literally means an approximation or a rough calculation of the value of a product or service. Quotation is the process of evaluating the value of something. Likewise, in your business, quote is a document that you give to your customers with a quote of the value of the product or service that you’re selling to them. Let’s look at Mark’s business to better understand Quotes.

Scenario: Mark runs a construction firm and takes up a project to construct a house for one of his customers. Firstly, he creates a quote for the project which is an approximation of all the costs involved to complete the construction. Mark sends the quote to his customer to negotiate on the quoted price. The final amount that his customer has to pay can more or lesser than the quoted amount.

Similarly, you can create a quote for the products or services that your customers have ordered from you to negotiate the price with your customers. As soon as your customers agree on the price, they can accept the quote in the Customer Portal or, you mark the quote as accepted manually and convert it to an invoice. The following diagram will help you understand how Quotes work in Zoho Invoice.

Life Cycle of a Quote

Quote Life Cycle

Pro Tip: It’s not mandatory to create a quote If you sell your products or services with fixed prices to your customers. You can directly create an invoice and receive payments.

Create & Send Quotes

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Managing your Quote

Quote Actions

Customizing your Quotes