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Track Branch Transactions

Once you’ve created branches and associated the transaction series, you can start creating transactions. Let’s take a look at how you can include transactions to each branch and track them in Zoho Invoice.

Associate Branches to Transactions

Each time you create a new transaction, you will be able to associate a branch to it. You can associate a branch for all your sales and purchase transactions. To associate:

Select Branch

Similarly, you can create transactions and associate branches for other modules as well.

Pro Tip: If you’ve been maintaining a branch’s transactions separately, you can import them to your organization along with the branch and map them accordingly.

Here are some points to note:

View Dashboard

When you associate branches with transactions, you can get an overview of each branch’s performance right from the dashboard. Here’s how:


Generate Reports

If you’ve associated transactions with branches, you will be able to generate reports for a particular branch or for all the branches collectively. This lets you view the sales or the expenses of a particular branch.

Insight: If your Zoho Invoice organization is integrated with Zoho Analytics, you will be able to sync the branch details as well and run advanced reports as per your requirements.

Run Reports for Specific Branches:

Filter Report

Note: This option will not be available for certain reports.

View Branch Details in Reports:

Filter Report

Note: The Branching feature is available only for organizations that are on any of the paid plans in the Global, UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and India editions.

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