Zoho Billing - Zapier Integration

Zapier is a web-based service that helps you automate different tasks in two different apps. Whenever a task is performed in one application, you can automate another task to be performed in another application. 

Scenario: Patricia is the Sales Manager at Zylker Corporation, a web design company. She wants all the customers that are added in her Zoho Billing account to be added to her MailChimp account as well so that she can send them promotional emails about the latest offers. To do this, she creates a Zap with the following details:
**Trigger** - New Customer (Zoho Billing) **Action** - Add/Update Subscriber (MailChimp)
Scenario: Bailey is the head of a startup that sells printed materials. She wants to add a new row to her Google sheet, whenever a new printing material (item) is added in her Zoho Billing account. So she creates a Zap with the trigger and action as follows:
**Trigger** - New Item (Zoho Billing) **Action** - Create Spreadsheet Row (Google Sheets)

Set up the Integration

To integrate Zoho Billing and Zapier:

Try Now Make a Zap

Supported Triggers and Actions for Zoho Billing

Let’s assume you want to create a new contact in Zoho CRM whenever a customer is created in Zoho Billing. In this case, the trigger is a New Customer created in Zoho Billing, and the action will be a New Contact created in Zoho CRM.


Let’s have a look at some of the triggers that are supported in Zoho Billing


Let’s have a look at the actions that can be performed based on the triggers


Delete a Zap

When you feel that you don’t need a Zap any more, you can delete it by following these simple steps:

Trash Move to Trash
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