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Recording Expenses

Creating an expense

All the expenses you record will show up on your Zoho Billing dashboard. It would be in the form of a pie chart representing each category and all your expenses would be segregated accordingly.

Your Top Expenses - Dashboard

When you want to review the financial health of your company, a detailed assessment of your expenses is required and this is provided for you in the form of comprehensive expense reports.

Editing an Expense

To edit an existing expense, click Edit in the top left corner in the Expense Details page.(as highlighted in the image below)

Edit Expenses

Now, go ahead and modify the expense details as required before saving the changes. The expense is edited accordingly.

Recording a Mileage expense

Zoho Billing allows you to record your organization’s mileage expense. Let’s take an example where you or one of your employees had to go on a business trip. If you would like to record the expense towards your trip for your accounting purposes, you can do so by recording the mileage expenses by selecting the Default Account as Fuel/Mileage Expenses.

To record a mileage expense,

Recording expenses for projects

Expenses incurred while working on a project can be recorded as well! You can choose to record this within the timesheet module itself or you can do it in the Expense module.

To record from the Timesheets module:

Record Expense From Projects

To record from the Expense module:

Adding Expenses in Bulk

Zoho Billing allows you to add expenses in bulk.

Scenario: Charles wants to record all his expenses together at the same time rather than making a separate entry for each of them. He chooses to make use of the Bulk Add Expenses option to achieve his requirement and to save time..

If you would like to do the same, please follow the steps mentioned below:

Importing Expenses

Zoho Billing has an option to import your existing expenses into the system.

Scenario:Charles has got a lot of expenses recorded outside Zoho Billing. He wants to input all of them into the system at one go without creating each of them.

In such cases, you can import expenses to Zoho Billing. To import Zoho Billing:

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