Other Actions for Retainer Invoices

Let’s have a look at the various actions that can be performed upon a retainer invoice in Zoho Billing.

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Edit Retainer Invoices

You can edit the details of any retainer invoice. Here’s how:

Edit Retainer Invoice

Download as PDF and Print

You can download/print any retainer invoice as PDF. Here’s how:

Download Retainer Invoice

Attach Files with Retainer Invoices

You can attach files to your retainer invoice. This can be done through:

To attach files to your retainer invoice:

Attach Files in Retainer Invoice

Clone Retainer Invoices

You can create a retainer invoice in Zoho Billing with details similar to an existing retainer invoice by cloning it.

To clone a retainer invoice:

Clone Retainer Invoice

Mail Retainer Invoices

You can email any of the retainer invoices to your customers. Here’s how:

Mail Retainer Invoice

Delete Retainer Invoice

You can delete any retainer invoice that you’ve recorded in Zoho Billing. Here’s how:

Delete Retainer Invoice

Export Retainer Invoices

You can export all the retainer invoices in Zoho Billing in the CSV or XLS format. Here’s how:

Export Retainer Invoice Export Retainer Invoice
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