Managing Credit Notes

Use Filter Views and Custom Views to display the credit notes of your choice.


Filter Views

By using the available filters, you can filter the credit notes based on your preferences. Click the All Credit Notes dropdown in the top-left corner to choose the filter of your preference. 

Credit Notes Default Filters
Options Description
All All your credit notes will be listed.
Draft Credit Notes that are in the draft status will be listed.
Pending Approval Credit Notes that are yet to be approved will be listed.
Approved Approved Credit Notes will be listed.
Open Credit Notes that are in Open status will be listed.
Closed Credit notes that were applied to invoices or refunded fully will be listed.
Void Credit Notes that were voided will be listed. You can void a credit note if you have created it by mistake but still choose to have it in the system for reference. The voided credit note will not affect the accounts and reports.

Custom Views

Set a criteria and the system will list the credit notes accordingly. 

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