As a new user, you will be asked to enter a few essential information about your organization during Quick Setup (See Getting Started section for more details) If you’ve missed to fill a few fields during the quick setup, don’t panic. You can still do a complete set up of your organization from the Settings tab.

Setting Up your Organization

Provide basic information about your organization

Users & Roles

Add multiple Users, assign them Roles and collaborate with them.


Configure your preferences from the Settings section.


Domain mapping


Manage multiple Currencies in Zoho Invoice to transact with global clients.


Enter Taxes in Zoho Invoice which are applicable for your business.


Choose and customize templates in Zoho Invoice. Customize color, font, font sizes and a lot more in the templates. Select information that needs to be shown or change text for the labels.

General Info

Sections that can be customized in templates.
1) Template Properties
2) Header & Document Information
3) Item Table
4) Total
5) Footer

To customize templates:

Common-to-All Modules Customization

Module Specific Customization

Creating Templates in Multiple Languages


Set manual and automatic reminders to remind you about the invoices that are nearing or passed the payment date.


Automation allows you to create a set of rules for modules of Zoho Invoice based on which appropriate actions would be performed. A good example would be the case where a congratulatory e-mail is sent automatically to the team members when an estimate for goods worth over $1000 gets accepted by a client. In the next few steps, you will be learning about:

To get started with workflows, navigate to > More Settings > Automation.


Integrate your account with a whole bunch of online payment gateways to instantly collect payments. Also integrate with Zoho CRM, with the help of a ZSC key to connect Zoho Invoice with Zoho CRM.


Manage your Subscription in Zoho Invoice.