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Create Sales Receipt

To create a new sales receipt:

create sales receipt
Field Description
Customer Name Select or enter the customer name for whom the sales receipt is created.
Receipt Date Select the date on which the sales receipt is generated.
Sales Receipt# The sales receipt number will be auto-generated. However, you can change the auto-generation series or enter a unique number by clicking the Gear icon.
Item Details Select the item(s) to be included in the sales receipt.
Field Description
Payment Mode Select the mode of payment used by the customer.
Reference# Enter the reference number for the payment.

Note: The payment recorded here will not be listed under the Payments Received section. This amount will only be recorded under the account you have chosen.

payment in sales receipt

Send Sales Receipt to Customer

To send a sales receipt to a customer:

send sales receipt

Let’s take a look at other actions you can perform.

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