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The time and effort that you put into choosing and setting up a phone system for your business is always worth it. The goal is to give your customers an easy way to get in touch with you and provide the best services to clarify their doubts and address their concerns. Not to mention, a good PBX system is of great help to the sales reps as well. 

A major part of a sales executive's day is spent on follow up calls, reminder calls, cold calls, negotiation calls and so on. What helps them in making these calls is a good phone system, ease of access to the essential details before the call, flexible reminders to avoid missing out on the important calls and a convenient way to jot down their observations and notes about the call. For all these requirements, the Telephony feature is a convenient option.

The Telephony feature connects the PBX system and the Zoho CRM system that holds all the important details of your leads and customers. With this feature, Zoho CRM offers you a platform to manage incoming and outgoing calls. Not just that, it reminds you of the calls that are scheduled and also identifies the caller and matches the details with the customer's record in Zoho CRM.

What You Can Do With Telephony

  • Manage outbound and inbound calls from within Zoho CRM.
  • Take a quick glance at the purchase history, notes, email conversations, etc. of the caller.
  • Get reminders for your outbound calls.
  • Dial calls with a single click.
  • Check out the calls that you missed while you were away.
  • Add a call description during the call.


Permission Required: Administrators can configure the PBX and set up the integration.

Zoho PhoneBridge-

Supported Telephony Systems

On-Premise PBX

Cloud PBX and call-center systems


  • Know your caller and be ready with the right information before the call.
  • Never miss out calls as a call missed could be a customer lost to your business. Set up reminders for the calls so that you do not miss the opportunity to call the customer.
  • Jot down a call description during or after the call and save the effort of remembering the details after the call.
  • Get a quick glance at the essentials in the business card view, before you attend the call from a customer.

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