Adding, editing and deleting a contact

Contacts refer to organizations or individuals you deal with in your business. These contacts could be:

Maintaining a list of the contacts you do business with, allows you to conduct your transactions quickly and efficiently. Here’s how you can maintain a contacts list in Zoho Books,

Adding a contact

To add a contact, please follow the below steps:

New Contact Form

You can also quickly add by clicking on + button provided next to the Contacts title on the left navigation menu.

Quick add contact

The contact creation page, apart from requesting general information such as the contact and company names etc, is split into several sections such as,


Editing a contact

To edit a contact, please follow these steps:

Edit Contacts

The New Contact Form and the Edit Contact Form include the following fields.

Deleting a contact

To delete a contact, follow the steps below:

Delete Contacts

Merging two or more contacts

This is one of the few functions in Zoho Books that can be done as a bulk action, and is in fact the only option when more than two contacts are required to be merged as one.

However, if you wish to merge contacts, it also can be done from the individual contact page. Please note that the two contacts being chosen to be merged must contain the same currency terms.

Merge Contacts

Filter contacts

To filter your contact list, follow these steps:

Sort Contacts

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