Are you figuring out how to set up a remote desktop?

Our way of setting up a remote desktop doesn’t involve painstaking application downloads, installations that run forever, or leaving your data vulnerable. These aren’t things you should confront at the best of times, and certainly not when a person is waiting for help. Here’s Zoho Assist, your the easiest and most secure way of getting to work on a remote desktop.

Remotely connect to PC - Zoho AssistSetup remote desktop with Zoho Assist

Here’s your 3-step guide to set up a remote desktop for free with Zoho Assist:


Get started with Zoho Assist

First, signup for Zoho Assist with your email address, or if you’re already a Zoho user, click on Access Zoho Assist to get started. For timers, we offer a 15-day trial with all our enterprise features. After 15 days, Zoho Assist remains free for personal use.


Initiate a remote support session or set up a device for unattended access

To initiate an instant on-demand remote support session, click Start Now, or click Schedule to conduct a session at another time. Once you've initiated a remote support session, there are three ways you can invite a person at the remote end. You can send an SMS or email invitation, ask the customer to navigate to to join the session, or you can send them the join link through the chat messenger of your choice.

If you are looking to configure a remote desktop for unattended access, click here to check out the deployment methods.


Connect to the remote desktop

Once you’ve sent the session invite to the remote custome, establishing connection with a remote computer is simple. Upon receiving the invite, your customer can join the session through one of the methods stated earlier, and install the lightweight agent to give you complete access to the remote desktop. To access a remote desktop configured for unattended access, navigate to Unattended Access and click Connect beside the device to remotely connect to a PC or a mobile device.

You should be able to do more than just access a remote desktop:

Apart from secure and easy access to a remote desktop, Zoho Assist offers you loads of features that help you finish your work in no time while working remotely:


File Transfer

Zoho Assist allows you to transfer files to remote computers without using intermediate storage like USB, FTP, or cloud-based storage devices, which are becoming increasingly susceptible to data theft.


Text, Voice, and Video Chat

Our built-in text, voice, and video chat features allow you to communicate with a remote customer throughout the remote support session.


Multi-monitor Navigation

Work on all active monitors connected to the remote computer during a remote support session.


Reboot and Reconnect

You can reboot the remote computer and reconnect to the same session without losing control.


Unattended Remote Access

Configure a remote desktop for unattended access and start a session without a person at the other end.


Remote Power Options

Carry out power actions like shutdown, restart, log off, lock, hibernate, or standby, without even accessing a unattended access desktop.

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