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The Best in Email - The 2011 Reader's Choice Awards

The Best in Email - The 2011 Reader's Choice AwardsZoho Mail is a solid email service with ample storage, POP and IMAP access, some integration with instant messaging and online office suites. Aimed at professional users, Zoho Mail could be even more helpful organizing mail, identifying key messages and contacts, and sending oft-used replies.

Web Host Magazine & Buyer's Guide - Editors' Choice for January 2010

Web Host Magazine & Buyer's Guide - Editors' Choice for January 2010Zoho offers both free and business tools. Email, word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, wikis, invoice, CRM, reports, planners, and a lot more applications are all available and each one offers a try now option (especially good if you are interested in purchasing later). Zoho has one of the most complete productivity suites on the market today, is mostly free, and is compatible with many off-the-shelf programs. So what are you waiting for?

For its comprehensive suite of productivity and collaboration applications, Zoho receives an Editors' Choice Award for January 2010.

Webware 100

Webware 100In addition to having a slew of consumer-oriented applications, Zoho has dipped into some SMB applications including a CRM tool, invoicing service, and Zoho People--which is a recruiting tool. The company has also been known to embrace the latest Web technologies including Ajax-heavy editors and compatibility with offline data access using Google Gears.

Zoho wins in InfoWorld’s 2009 Technology of the Year Awards

InfoWorld's 2009 Technology AwardZoho can provide both personal productivity and business back-end applications, and with Google Gears, you can keep working on documents even if you can't find the Internet. Zoho is the only Microsoft Office alternative we know that you could easily use to run a complete business. It's also the only one that can run virtually all the Excel macros you might have developed.

Best LittleCo of 2008

Best LittleCo of 2008Web Office vendor Zoho best represented the 'LittleCo' ethos this year, due to its David vs Goliath effort in competing head on with products from several very large companies: Microsoft Office, Google Apps,'s core CRM platform.

Top 10 International Products of 2008

Best Products 2008Zoho is an Indian startup that offers a number of office tools, project management software and CRM solutions. It has made serious advances with its office productivity suite during 2008, reaching a milestone of 1 million users in August this year.

Small Business Suite CRM: Leaders

2008 CRM MarketLeaderZoho has put out a record amount of services--nearly all of which are completely free to use. The company has more than 20 Web applications, many of which compete directly with Google's online productivity and office tools. The company has also been known to embrace the latest Web technologies including Ajax-heavy editors and compatibility with Google's offline data access plug-in Gears.

2008 Influential Leaders

2008 Influential CRM LeaderThe vision and transparency offered by CEO Sridhar Vembu seem to be the foundation of these efforts, and Vembu's commitment to a no-marketing-for-now business strategy is an innovative approach worth watching. Zoho has made some of the biggest names in the industry sit up and take notice, and that's why we're honored to name Vembu one of the magazine's 2008 Influential Leaders.

The 101 most useful websites : No 5 Zoho

TelegraphA suite of free business programs. From word processing and presentation software to tools for taking notes in meetings, planning projects and creating databases.

Crunchies Award 2007 - Best Enterprise Start-up

CrunchiesZoho’s comprehensive online suite of 14 business applications ranging from document editing to CRM continues to lead the way in the move away
from desktop computing to working in the cloud.

PC World : The 25 Most Innovative Products of the Year

PC WorldAdventNet's Zoho tools include everything from wiki software to customer relations management and project management applications, many of them free.

Zoho Notebook (free, in public beta) continues the winning streak. You can enter text, graphics, audio, video, and embedded content from other sites onto your notebook's pages--or use the page as a single word processing document or spreadsheet. Put together everything on a certain subject, and you're ready to share your work with online compatriots.

50 Best Websites 2007

TimeAll three of these websites want to help you be more productive anytime you're online, from any browser-not just when you're sitting at your home or work PC. Each offers its own suite of free, Web-based tools that mimic Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel and Power Point. These Office alternatives are also compatible with their Microsoft counterparts, so you can import work from-or export it back to-the mother suite. Another advantage to using a Web-based spreadsheet or word processing app is that you can make your documents available to others to view or edit.

Top Web Tools of 2007 - Number 3 - Zoho NoteBook

BarrydahlZoho NoteBook makes the year-end list even though the Zoho suite is already in my hall of fame based on being my #1 tool of 2006 and also based on being a group of tools that I use on an almost daily basis. However, Notebook was not released last year at the time I published my list, and it's a good enough app to stand on it's own. Having said that, it is not a perfect app, still just a little bit buggy, but overall I find it to be a groundbreaking service that definitely pushes the envelope.

2007 Cybernet Awards : Most Powerful Websites -3rd- Place Zoho

CyberNetZoho has developed an incredible suite of online office applications. In all they offer 18 different products and services, many of which are completely free for users. You can write documents, manage spreadsheets, create presentations, organize notes, and more with a single login.

Personally I do enjoy Google Docs because the interface is a little nicer, but when it comes to sheer power Zoho wins hands down. It’s the most complete online office suite available.

Top 10 New and Improved Apps of 2007

Life HackerZoho Suite makes collaborating and editing documents, spreadsheets, presentations (and way more) better and easier straight from your browser.

Most of you said  you hadn't tried Zoho because you already had a Google Account, but if collaborating and editing office documents from your browser is in your future in '08, bite the bullet for a Zoho account and you won't be sorry.

Sanity Check : Could One of these five companies become next Microsoft

TechRepublicZoho already has an online office suite that is better than anything from Microsoft or Google. While the product is really good, what has been equally important for Zoho is that it has proven that it knows how to execute. In 2007, Zoho has been running circles around Microsoft and Google in online office apps. It seems as if Zoho is releasing a new product or a key product update nearly every week, while Microsoft’s office suite and Google’s apps have been stagnant by - comparison.

In just the last few weeks, Zoho has released Zoho Start (a user dashboard for files) and Zoho Mail (a way for businesses to manage its online office users) to add to its growing stable of more than 15 programs. Zoho is quickly morphing into a platform. The question is whether that platform will extend beyond online productivity software and become something much larger and further integrated into the various layers of computing and the Internet. If Zoho continues its current pace, it has the potential to become a giant and create the next great business software platform.

The Best Free Software For Your Computer

Connected InternetZoho : currently the most powerful Office 2.0 suite in the market. What i like the most about Zoho, is that although it runs on the web, its set of features is rich, and would satisfy even the most enthusiastic MS Office user. It offers a Word processor , a Spreadsheet application (Excel like), a private beta of a new online mail application, and the extra slick Creator, and application that allows you to create a web form in seconds.

Top 20 Facebook Apps for Entrepreneurs

Online UniversityWith Zoho, you don’t have to leave Facebook to work on your documents, presentations or worksheets. You can either use your Zoho account to transfer your documents to Facebook or create a new use

The Green Enterpreneur's Toolbox : 100 Networking Resources, Guides, and Links

Business Credit CardsZoho Office Suite: The Zoho Office Suite has lots of great tools, but the greenest one is Zoho Meeting.
You can use this tool to share desktops, hold online meetings and more, reducing the need to travel for collaboration.

Top 100 tools of 2007

Top 100 ToolsZoho is an online office suite that includes the main word processing, spreadsheet and presentation tools : Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet and Zoho Show, but also other tools like Zoho Meeting, Zoho Planner,Zoho Creator and Zoho Wiki.There is also a plugin for MS Office to edit docs both offline and online, and quick read plugin for both IE and Firefox to view files online.New Offline functionality is being introduced; to enable you to download documents and work on them offline.

The Enterpreneur's Guide To Web 2.0 : Top 25 Apps To Grow Your Business

RebellisZoho has one of the most well-rounded offerings of web-based tools for the entrepreneur/ business person, including an Office Suite (Writer, Sheet, Show, Wiki, Virtual Office), Productivity Tools (Projects, CRM, Creator, Planner, Chat), Polls, and website monitoring. One of the most useful applications, however, is Zoho Challenge, which lets you test and evaluate job candidates using a combination of multiple choice and descriptive questions. Candidates can then be emailed results for one or more tests. Perhaps the best feature is Zoho Writer, a superb web-based replacement for Microsoft Word.

The 2007 Steppin' Out Awards Finalist for the Vendor Category

PGreenBlogZoho (a division of AdventNet) – This engine that could is probably the smallest of the companies here which means that if they succeed as I think they very well might, their impact just well might be the most dramatic. Zoho has been developing competition to Microsoft and for the small business and desktop productivity in a decidedly 2.0 fashion. They get the 2.0 world that we're dealing with now so they get how to handle the new generations of customers and business people – which puts them ahead of most of the companies that vie for the small business space. They are constantly innovating with new ideas for products and services. Watch these guys closely. Real closely.

The 100 Best Products of 2007

PC WorldZoho Writer features a hideable list of documents divided into sections for private, shared, and public documents, plus templates.

Like Google Docs and ThinkFree, Zoho Writer can publish items directly to a blog and can save and import a range of text document formats, from Microsoft Word to HTML. With a plug-in for Microsoft Word, you can save from that application directly to your Zoho account.

The Best Web-Based Computer Applications For Small Business

ForbesZoho Writer is in some ways superior to Microsoft Word, because it automatically creates an HTML version of your document on the fly and handles images better.

The Best Web-Based Computer Applications For Small Business


The Winner : Zoho Writer

Ajax-based word processors may be good for collaboration, and they can offer solid basic functionality. But for power features, I fully expected that I'd have to turn to their desktop-based counterparts.

It excels in creation of HTML pages, because it automatically creates an HTML version of any file as you type. You can toggle between normal and HTML views, and you can easily add your own HTML tags. It also includes dialog boxes for coding links, anchors, and graphics. In addition, Zoho Writer's insert-image feature outstrips Word's, because it lets you customize spacing and alignment -- and it then automatically converts all that to the proper HTML code.

Zoho Writer can also export files to many formats, including Word .DOC files, Rich Text Format (.RTF), text files, PDF, HTML, the Open Office .SXW extension, and OpenDocument's .ODT format.

As for collaboration, it's got what you need as well. It's simple to invite others to view or get read/write access to the document. Bloggers will appreciate its ability to link directly into accounts for Blogger, LiveJournal, WordPress, and TypePad, and to upload your current document as a post.

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