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New Modules Let Users Generate Charts, Graphs; Automate Tasks in Company's Online Business Application Creation Software

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  • Zoho Creator Reports visually represents data to improve analysis and understanding
  • Zoho Creator Scheduler enables a wide range of options for task automation
  • Video tours of the Zoho Creator modules can be seen at https://bit.ly/anwiy6 (Reports) and https://bit.ly/9dQCtA (Scheduling)

PLEASANTON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Helping people work online, Zoho today announced Zoho Creator Reports and Zoho Creator Scheduler, two new modules for its online database software, Zoho Creator. The new scheduling module let users easily automate tasks and generate powerful charts, graphs, reports and other visual representations of their data. In addition, Zoho Creator also gained integrations with Zoho CRM and Zoho Invoice. Video tours of Zoho Creator Reports and Zoho Creator Scheduler can be seen at https://bit.ly/anwiy6 and https://bit.ly/9dQCtA, respectively.

"As a platform for creating online database applications, Zoho Creator has earned a reputation as 'MS Access plus Visual Basic on the web' - powerful yet easy to use," said
Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist.

"We're building on that foundation, giving our users new ways to display and interpret data as well as a way to create and schedule automated tasks. This is our way of improving the user experience for our customers with new functionality and cross-application integrations. And it's something users can expect more of in the future."

Rounding out Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator has amassed a large, loyal user base thanks to its robust, user-friendly feature set which includes a drag-and-drop UI for creating forms and tables, extensive business logic and data analytics options, and much more. Now, Zoho has taken its online database software to the next level with the following features.

Zoho Creator Reports lets users visually represent data so they can easily analyze and understand it. This module is built using Zoho Reports, a business intelligence application used to analyze data. With this powerful module, users can slice and dice data and transform it into meaningful information by generating charts, graphs, reports, pivot tables and more. Specifically, Zoho Creator Reports lets users:

  • Create dynamic reports – Reports are based on the data contained in views already created in an application. One or more reports can be created based on a particular view and then used across a wide range of functional areas.
  • Generate pivot tables – To summarize data in a grid view, users can create a range of pivot tables using Sum, Average, Count, Min, Max and other summarizing options. Multi-level pivots are also supported.
  • Filter and sort data – Users can segregate, investigate, and play with their data using the sorting and filtering options available in Zoho Creator's Report Builder interface.
  • Embed and share reports – Reports can be shared with team members, embedded in a website (via provided code snippet), and exported as a PDF file.

Zoho Creator Scheduler lets users create and schedule automated tasks. These tasks can be triggered by user input or at select times. Zoho Creator Scheduler supports three schedule types:

  • Form schedules let users configure actions to be executed based on any date/date time field in a form. The actions can be repeated for a pre-defined time period and can be stopped on, before or after a particular date.
  • Report schedules let users schedule periodic reports of data that has been added to their forms. Reporting frequency is user-defined and can range from daily to yearly.
  • Custom schedules give users the power to create and execute their own mini programs, a full set of logical actions to be executed in their application across forms, or even schedule reports of data to be sent all in one place.

Meanwhile, Zoho CRM and Zoho Invoice integrations bring functionality from those applications to Zoho Creator. First, users can now access their contacts in Zoho CRM from their custom applications in Zoho Creator. They can even create new contacts in Zoho CRM from the Zoho Creator user interface. Similarly, the integration with Zoho Invoice lets users create drafts and invoices while working in Zoho Creator.

Pricing and Availability

Monthly pricing for Zoho Creator Reports is as follows: Unlimited reports in Professional ($45), Professional Plus ($100) and Enterprise ($175) plans; and two reports in Basic ($15), Standard ($25) and the Free Plan. Zoho Creator Scheduler paid plans include 31 schedulers; a 15-day complimentary trial of Scheduler is also available with free plans.

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