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Zoho Creator, Zoho Discussions, Zoho Meeting, Zoho Reports, Zoho Wiki Now Integrated with Google Apps

  • Zoho emerges as the largest software provider for Google Apps Marketplace
  • Integration highlights include single sign on, Google Docs integration and more
  • Video tours and presentations for the new Zoho apps for Google are available online

PLEASANTON, Calif.-PLEASANTON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Helping people work online, Zoho today announced it has added five more applications to the Google Apps Marketplace: Zoho Creator, Zoho Discussions, Zoho Meeting, Zoho Reports and Zoho Wiki. The new additions make Zoho one of the largest software providers for Google's online storefront for Google Apps and services. Video tours and online presentations are available for Zoho Creator for Google Apps (https://bit.ly/fCuB5K and https://bit.ly/e8HHb7), Zoho Meeting for Google Apps (https://bit.ly/dHUy5g) and Zoho Reports for Google Apps (https://bit.ly/e0U3hE). Online presentations are also available for Zoho Discussions for Google Apps (https://bit.ly/hjTdGC) and Zoho Wiki for Google Apps (https://bit.ly/gpJVtU).

"We have tens of thousands of customers using Zoho applications in the Google Apps Marketplace, so it's clear our users want this kind of integration," said
Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist.

"While Google is a competitor, they are also often a collaborator we work with wherever it can benefit our users. Going forward, Zoho and Google users can look forward to even more Zoho applications making their way to the Google Apps Marketplace as well as integration enhancements for the apps already there."

Zoho Creator for Google Apps lets users easily create powerful, database-driven web applications in minutes. Casual users who are not programmers can create their own business and situated apps - small, situation-specific applications often needed immediately, on the fly - using simple drag and drop operations. Highlights include:

  • Single sign on: Once Zoho Creator is installed in any Google Apps domain, users can access it directly from the universal navigation bar in Google Apps.
  • Google Apps users field: Users in a Google Apps domain can be added as one of the fields in Zoho Creator forms. This field provides a choice between the usernames and email ID to be displayed in the form.
  • Import data via email: Users can add data to Zoho Creator forms by emailing the details to a custom email ID. Data can be in any format supported by Zoho Creator.
  • Upload Google Docs documents: Users can upload Google Docs documents into their applications.
  • Sharing: Google Apps domain admins can share their application only with the users in their domain. They can also share the application with their Google user groups (lists) as well.

Zoho Discussions for Google Apps lets users make decisions from discussions. Members of public and private communities can share ideas, report problems and ask questions from a single point, letting organizations bring people together and reach decisions easily. Highlights include:

  • Single sign on: Once Zoho Discussions is installed in the Google Apps domain, users can start using it from the universal navigation bar in Google Apps.
  • Add Google Apps users: Members of a Google Apps account will be automatically added as members of an associated Zoho Discussions Portal.
  • Attach Google Docs documents: Users can directly attach a Google Docs document while posting a new topic or response in Zoho Discussions.
  • iGoogle gadget: The Zoho Discussions gadget can be embedded right inside iGoogle, Gmail, or Google Sites.

Zoho Meeting for Google Apps lets users host web meetings to instantly connect with team members, clients and partners from around the world. In addition to one-on-one meetings, users can have multiple participants in a meeting. Zoho Meeting for Google Apps can also be used for desktop sharing and providing remote support. Highlights include:

  • Single sign on: Once Zoho Meeting is added to the Google Apps domain, all users in the domain can access the app through the universal navigation bar in Google Apps.
  • Invite Google users: Users can send meeting invitations to all users in their Google Apps domain and their Google Contacts.
  • Calendar integration: User can mark their Google Calendar with meeting appointments that have been made using Zoho Meeting.

Zoho Wiki for Google Apps lets users easily create online workspaces for content sharing within a group. Users can create personal, public and private team wikis for collaborating with project teams, clients and partners across the globe. Highlights include:

  • Single sign on: Once Zoho Wiki is added to the Google Apps domain, users in that domain can access the service through the universal navigation bar in Google Apps.
  • Attach Google Docs documents: Zoho Wiki integrates with Google Docs, so users can attach relevant Google documents to a wiki page.
  • Share the wiki with Google Apps users: Users can create different workspaces for each team or project, with each workspace serving as an independent and fully customizable portal. Permissions can be assigned to let users edit, comment and view the document.
  • Google gadgets integration: Users can personalize the dashboard page with Google gadgets such as Google Translate, Google Photos, Google Custom Search, and more.

Apart from these five new applications, Zoho also integrated CRM, Projects, Invoice, Books, Recruit and Zoho Creator Helpdesk with Google Apps Marketplace. With over 10 applications integrated, Zoho becomes the largest software provider on Google Apps Marketplace.

For more information on Zoho, please visit www.zoho.com and watch "What is Zoho?" To get breaking Zoho news, visit and subscribe to the RSS feed at https://blogs.zoho.com, and follow the company on Twitter at @zoho and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/zoho.

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