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Savings, Ease of Use, Security for Distributed Workforce Top List of Benefits

  • ALTUS Wealth Solutions demonstrates Zoho CRM's cost advantage over Salesforce.com
  • Anderson Sales Advantage highlights Zoho CRM's ease of use by CRM newbies
  • JetHub reveals how Zoho CRM securely supports a distributed workforce

PLEASANTON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Helping people work online, Zoho today announced the latest round of success stories shared by users of Zoho CRM, the company's affordable, on-demand CRM software. Zoho customers ALTUS Wealth Solutions, Anderson Sales Advantage, and JetHub-which downloaded the app through Google Apps Marketplace-highlight key advantages of Zoho CRM, including cost savings, ease of use, and security features for distributed workforces.

"Our users depend on us to give them the tools they need to build, maintain and strengthen their customer relationships," said
Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist.

"The feedback we're getting from customers like ALTUS Wealth Solutions, Anderson Sales Advantage, JetHub and others tells us that Zoho CRM is meeting-and often exceeding-their needs, especially in the areas of affordability, functionality and ease of use."

Zoho CRM Customers Speak Out

Savings over Salesforce – ALTUS Wealth Solutions, a registered investment advisory firm, uses Zoho CRM to manage the countless relationships it has established with prospective clients, financial services peers, and other individuals and organizations. John Buerger, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, operates ALTUS as a solo entrepreneur, making him responsible for all aspects of Zoho CRM, from paying bills to maintaining the system.

"I was with Salesforce before I moved to Zoho CRM, and I found Salesforce to be outrageously expensive for what it was providing," said Buerger. "For me, nothing in Salesforce was any more powerful than what I can do with Zoho CRM. But Zoho CRM costs just a fraction of Salesforce-$15 per month vs. $100 per month-so I'm saving over $1,000 per year."

As a web-based service, Zoho CRM lets Buerger work from his home office, from his office in downtown San Luis Obispo, California, as well as on the road via the Zoho CRM for BlackBerry app. Zoho CRM email integration with Gmail, which ALTUS uses as its email server, is another highlight. And the customization options let Buerger personalize Zoho CRM to meet his own unique needs and preferences.

Overall Ease of Use – Anderson Sales Advantage is a sales coaching and training company that helps its clients set up and use Zoho CRM. Most Anderson Sales Advantage clients have no CRM experience, no sales pipeline, and no lead management whatsoever. They are completely new to CRM software and to CRM as a business process to support pre- and post-sales activities.

"I needed a CRM system that would be easy to set up and easy to train my clients to use, so it had to be easy for them to understand," said Teddy Anderson, president of Anderson Sales Advantage. "Zoho CRM hits all those points, and the price is great for an independent or a solo entrepreneur. I had been using Salesforce previously, and I found that Zoho CRM is very comparable. And the price is a lot better. Even the free edition of Zoho CRM offers outstanding flexibility and capabilities."

For Anderson, a highlight of Zoho CRM is the ability to customize the system, making it easy for him to fine tune the service to meet the unique demands of each client. And the ability to work with clients in real time, within Zoho CRM, ensures that Anderson gives them the best possible training and coaching.

Distributed Workforce Security – JetHub is a worldwide, on-demand charter service that offers private flights to more than 7,000 airports in the United States and abroad. With employees spread across the country, JetHub uses Zoho CRM to securely manage its customer information.

"This is a completely virtual company," said Kevin Lippert, president of JetHub. "Zoho CRM provides a cloud-based system that supports our distributed workforce and helps me protect my employees' information, restricting access to authorized users. Being able to secure access to that information could easily save us thousands in business that could otherwise walk out the door in the event of a data breach."

In addition to the security levels built into Zoho CRM, JetHub values the system's functionality, ease of use, price and customization. JetHub integrated an industry quoting function into its Zoho CRM installation, customizing Zoho CRM to mimic the industry-specific form layout presented by the quoting system JetHub used previously. Finally, Zoho CRM now gives JetHub complete visibility of its clients and client interactions and provides an easy way to follow up on leads from the company's website.

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