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Zoho Meeting Open to Public

ENTERPRISE 2.0 - BOSTON - June 19, 2007 - Zoho continues to simplify working online with today's announcement of Zoho Meeting, the quick and easy Web conferencing application. Now in public beta release, Zoho Meeting lets users conduct free online meetings and share their desktops with other users.

"Speed and ease of use are essential to Zoho Meeting," said
Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist.

"A lot of meetings have a 'water cooler' aspect to them. They're informal and impromptu. We wanted Zoho Meeting to enable that kind of fluid spontaneity."

Mission accomplished, according to Zoho Meeting customer John Wilson, who said, "Today, whilst chatting to someone on Skype, I decided it would be helpful to walk them through a website application. I was able to quickly launch Zoho Meeting, ping them an email invite containing a link and within 2 minutes from initiating the entire process, my counterpart was able to view my onscreen activities without having to worry about installs on their machine."

Meet Zoho Meeting

In addition to conducting live meetings with friends or colleagues, Zoho Meeting users can demonstrate products to prospective customers or troubleshoot client issues online. And once concluded, a Zoho Meeting presentation can be embedded as a Flash object in a blog, wiki, notebook, or any Web page. Other highlights include:

No downloads to attend. Users invited to attend a Zoho Meeting need not install any software on their PCs. Attendees can join a meeting using a Flash, Java, or ActiveX viewer.

Zoho Show integration. Zoho Show users can embed Zoho Meeting in their presentations via a 'Meeting Slide.' Attendees see the host's desktop without switching between the two applications.

Remote control. With permission, attendees can control the PC of the user hosting the Zoho Meeting.

Remote access. Zoho Meeting can be used to access remote PCs, e.g., access a home computer from work.

Zoho Chat integration. Zoho Meeting users can conduct online group chat via Zoho Chat.

Meeting Expectations

During its private beta release, Zoho Meeting garnered kudos from those users who participated in the program.

"Setting up, starting, and inviting folks to a [Zoho] meeting is all very nice. I do a lot of web meetings with customers who are not tech savvy and having few hurdles to getting into the meeting is really key. With other services, there are just too many options and also client install problems that happen too often."
Steve Andersen

"Well done again on another great new Zoho product/service. Had no problems getting Zoho Meeting set up and all worked beautifully (Java client, Win XP, Firefox). Thanks for the privilege, and keep up the great work."
Paul Dixon

"Thanks, I really am excited about this new service of yours. My compliments on your achievements, which takes the idea of Google Office much farther than Google."
Claudio Pacchiega

"I confess to being a big Zoho fan - the combined quality and range of their online offerings is probably unequalled….The [Zoho Meeting] interface is stylish and compact, not to mention intuitive….I think that this will be an invaluable addition to many workplaces, not to mention a winner with web workers."
John Wilson

Zoho will be demonstrating Zoho Meeting, along with their online office suite in the Demo Pavilion at Enterprise 2.0: The Collaborative Technologies Conference being held June 18-21, 2007, in Boston.

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