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Community First to Translate Online Spreadsheet into Native Languages

PLEASANTON, Calif. - September 17, 2007 - Zoho is expanding its "work online" ethos to a broader global community with its localization initiative for Zoho Sheet. In an industry first, the company is now letting customers jointly translate the online spreadsheet's user interface into their native languages at translate.sheet.zoho.com. For a video demonstration, visit the Zoho blog at https://blogs.zoho.com/general/community-driven-translation-in-zoho-sheet/.

"A key concept of Web 2.0 is the wisdom of the crowd, which places a high value on the wisdom and knowledge of the greater Internet community," said
Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist.

"Letting the Zoho community translate Zoho Sheet into different languages taps that wisdom, helping us accelerate the pace at which we can bring our applications to new customers."

Zoho's Local Motion

Currently, Zoho Sheet supports 13 languages. The Zoho community is working on translations into another 14 languages, from Bulgarian to Indonesian to Vietnamese. For users who don't see their native languages listed on the localization page, Zoho invites them to submit "new language" requests and become volunteer translators.

Zoho gives its translators two translation options. The WYSIWYG mode displays the Zoho Sheet UI, and users click on highlighted labels, providing appropriate translations based on the context. In Power mode, users translate the text side-by-side in a single view, without viewing the UI.

To facilitate multiple translators for a given language, Zoho provides version control, so users can easily rollback to earlier versions when necessary. Once a language's translation progress reaches 80 percent, it is verified and made available to users in sheet.zoho.com.

Continued Vegesna, "Ultimately, we want to give our customers as much control over Zoho applications as possible, empowering them to ensure they're getting exactly what they want. Letting them translate Zoho Sheet into the languages they want is the first step in that direction."

Other Zoho Sheet enhancements include support for:

  • Inserting images into spreadsheets and importing spreadsheets containing images;
  • Apple's Safari Browser Support (version 3.x);
  • More currencies – the Euro, British pound, Japanese yen, and Indian rupee in addition to the U.S. dollar; and
  • the CVS format via Zoho Sheet's Remote API.

For more information on Zoho, please visit www.zoho.com. To get breaking Zoho news, please visit the Zoho blog and subscribe to the RSS feed at https://blogs.zoho.com/.

About Zoho and AdventNet

Zoho is creating the most comprehensive suite of affordable, online productivity tools for today's knowledge workers. Nearly 120 developers work on the Zoho suite, often implementing new features just days after customers request them and responding to customer queries within minutes of their posting. To date, Zoho has launched 15 different applications and more are in the works. For more information on Zoho, please visit www.zoho.com.

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