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Users Can View, Edit Zoho Writer Documents While Offline

PLEASANTON, Calif. - November 27, 2007 - Zoho customers gain new options for working offline with the latest enhancement to Zoho Writer. Now, users can view and edit Zoho Writer documents in offline mode. To view a video demonstration of Zoho Writer offline, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ruzgY45cME.

"Just like the pagination and header/footer support for Zoho Writer, which we announced a few days ago, offline read/write support is important to many of our customers," said
Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist.

"People want to take their online documents offline, and we're going to make that experience as smooth and simple as possible. Going forward, we'll be extending offline read/write functionality to our other applications."

To see Zoho Writer's expanded offline read/write support in action, visit

Expanding Offline Options

The new editing functionality supplements the read-only capabilities initially offered in Zoho Writer's offline mode.

To work offline, Zoho users log on to Zoho Writer and click the "Go Offline" link at the top of the Zoho Writer screen. First-time offline users are prompted to install Google Gears™, the browser plug-in, if it is not already installed on the local machine. Once Google Gears is installed, the user restarts the browser, logs back into Zoho Writer, and clicks "Go Offline."

Zoho Writer then automatically downloads personal and shared documents based on the sort order selected in the Zoho Writer main page. More or fewer documents can be downloaded by clicking on the down arrow next to the "Go Offline" link.

Next, users are automatically redirected offline, to https://writer.zoho.com/offline, where they can view, edit, and save their documents using Zoho Writer's browser-based interface. Users who have previously used Zoho Writer's view-only offline mode will have editing capabilities automatically enabled the next time they click "Go Offline."

To return online, users click "Go Online." Zoho Writer then prompts users to synchronize their offline and online documents.

Continued Zoho's Vegesna, "Besides being an excellent, open source project, Google Gears works with Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. That means our customers can work with Zoho Writer offline from either Windows or Macintosh computers."

Read/Write Regards

The read/write enhancements to Zoho Writer's offline capabilities have been earning praise from Zoho customers and Zoho watchers alike.

Zoho Writer's Offline Editor Doesn't Need Your Stinking Internet Connection

"…With big names like Google Docs, Microsoft Live and even Adobe all vying for your online office loyalty, there's no doubt that if offline functionality matters to you, Zoho has the lead." Scott Gilbertson, Wired

Zoho Takes Online Word Processing Offline

"AdventNet, whose Zoho browser-based productivity apps make it the most interesting and industrious little company in the world of Web services, is rolling out an update to its Zoho Writer word processor today, and it's a biggie…Zoho's productivity apps represent the most formidable competitor to Google's own Google Apps suite, and while Google's offerings trump Zoho's in some respects, AdventNet has a remarkable track record for rolling out new features before Google does…." Harry McCracken, PC World

Zoho Writer gets the offline treatment

"…Zoho is ahead of the pack - even the mighty Google…For those who are working on documents but need to be offline for any period of time then Zoho has taken another positive step forward in the blurring of the lines between online and offline worlds." Dennis Howlett, AccMan

Zoho Takes Writer Offline

"…this is a critical step towards making web apps truly competitive with rich client applications and if a browser-based word processor meets your needs, Zoho has taken the lead in delivering critical functionality for those times when you cannot be connected to the net." Marc Orchant, Blognation

In offline apps race, Zoho shifts Gears faster than Google

"It's hardly a full-fledged petard-hoisting, but the folks who make the Zoho suite of productivity software did manage to wrest a weapon away from Google and get off a few shots. Zoho is competing with Google, Microsoft and others in the budding business of cloud computing, business apps and data that live online, accessible from anywhere and open to collaboration. One drawback of these systems so far has been the inability to work on projects when a connection isn't available or practical. Today, Zoho gave its Zoho Writer word processing program that desirable offline ability, and did it using a Google-developed tool that the search sovereign has yet to tap for its own office offerings." John Murrell, SiliconValley.com

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About Zoho and AdventNet

Zoho is creating the most comprehensive suite of affordable, online productivity tools for today's knowledge workers. Nearly 120 developers work on the Zoho suite, often implementing new features just days after customers request them and responding to customer queries within minutes of their posting. To date, Zoho has launched 15 different applications and more are in the works. For more information on Zoho, please visit www.zoho.com.

Zoho is a division of AdventNet, in business since 1996 providing innovative software tools and serving more than 10,000 customers worldwide. For more information on AdventNet, please visit www.adventnet.com.

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