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Macros, Pivot Tables Highlight Business-Focused Feature Set of Spreadsheet Update

Interop - LAS VEGAS and PLEASANTON, Calif. - April 29, 2008- Zoho today announced it has updated Zoho Sheet with a broad array of advanced, business-oriented features, including macros and pivot tables. A video tour of macro and pivot table support in Zoho Sheet is available at https://www.viddler.com/explore/raju/videos/22/.

"Businesses want feature-rich applications. Simplistic applications simply won't cut it for businesses," said
Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist.

"With that focus, we have been rolling out deeper functionalities in our applications. We did that earlier with Zoho Writer, adding features like pagination, header/footer, endnotes/footnotes, Thesaurus support, etc., and now Zoho Sheet follows. This trend will continue to other Zoho applications."

Zoho Sheet Means Business

Macros. Zoho Sheet now supports Visual Basic macros, making Zoho Sheet the only spreadsheet application that supports VB macros apart from Microsoft Excel. In the current version, Zoho Sheet lets users import their existing spreadsheets with Excel macros, which Zoho Sheet currently understands. Users can also create new macros to automate or do a variety of tasks in Zoho Sheet.

Zoho supports a broad set of Microsoft Excel classes and VBA modules, which can be viewed at Going forward, the company plans to extend the list even further as well as add Record & Play for macros. Zoho is also launching a Wiki at https://vbmacros.wiki.zoho.com to serve as a free marketplace for macros, where users can share and exchange macro code.

Pivot tables and charts. Zoho has extended the Pivot table functionality of Zoho DB to Zoho Sheet, enabling users to create Pivot tables & Pivot charts on structured data or from a range of spreadsheet data. As a result of this unique integration between Zoho Sheet and Zoho DB, users can now import up to 100,000 rows of structured data to Zoho Sheet from a CSV file. Pivot tables and pivot charts can be created by a simple drag and drop interface.

More. While macros and pivot tables highlight the business-oriented features of the latest Zoho Sheet update, the company has added over a dozen other features, including: 

  • Share Spreadsheets to Groups. Users can create groups in Zoho Sheet and share their spreadsheets to groups. 
  • Support for Named Ranges. Names can now be assigned to a cell or a cell range, and then used in formulas and macros to refer to a range of cells. 
  • Multi-line Support. Multi-line support inside a cell lets users insert a line break inside a cell via Ctrl+Enter or Alt+Enter.
  • New Publish Options. Users have more options to control use of their public spreadsheets, e.g., restrict users from exporting your public spreadsheet and hide formulas used in your public spreadsheet. 
  • Auto-Filter. Zoho Sheet supports auto-filters when imported as CSV files. Filters for normal spreadsheets will be supported later. 
  • Freeze Panes. While importing CSV files containing structured data, users can freeze the top row and apply freeze columns on any of the columns by choosing the Tabular Data option. Freeze panes will be supported in normal sheets in the future. 
  • TSV File Support. Users can now import/export TSV files (tab separate values). 
  • New languages. The user community at translate.sheet.zoho.com translated Zoho Sheet into Czech, Bulgarian and Traditional Chinese. Zoho Sheet now supports 19 languages. 
  • Chinese Yuan Currency. Support for Chinese Yuan currency has been added. 
  • Set as Text. Users can set the cell format as text – by using the toolbar's Set as Text icon or by adding a single quote (') prefix to the cell value. 
  • Performance Improvement. Zoho has made performance improvements in loading sheets and range selections, with more improvements on the way. 
  • Keyboard Shortcuts. Zoho has added many shortcuts, which can be found in Keyboard Shortcuts under the Product Links toolbar option. 
  • Optimal Width and Height. Users can double click on the column and row separators to set the optimal width and height. 
  • Cell selection in Formulas. Zoho Sheet now lets users select cell regions using the keyboard while typing in formulas.

Community Covers Zoho Sheet

Zoho Adds Macros and Pivot Tables to Online Spreadsheets

"Zoho keeps pushing the limits of what online productivity apps can do. It was the first to use Google Gears to create an offline version of Zoho Writer last year, for instance. And now it is adding macros and pivot tables to its online spreadsheet, Zoho Sheet. (Once again, it is way ahead of Google, which indicated last December it would not add those advanced features any time this year). The addition of macros and pivot tables should go far in making Zoho's online spreadsheet a more realistic alternative for power business users." Erick Schonfeld, TechCrunch

Zoho Sheet Updated With Macros & Pivot Tables

"As many advanced Office users know, macros are a very powerful tool, one of those things that makes pros go "meh" at the mention of a web application. Now, for the first time a web app supports Visual Basic macros, which means that your existing macros will work in Zoho." Stan Schroeder, Mashable

Zoho Sheet Supports VBA! Crazy!

"One of the things that I've felt online spreadsheets have really lacked is support for Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). I use VBA macros quite frequently in my spreadsheets as a way to analyze and process data that can't be done with formulas. Well, Zoho has decided to step up to the plate in a big way. …Isn't that crazy? I have to admit that Zoho is pretty impressive when it comes to bringing features from desktop office suites into the online world." Ryan, CyberNet

Zoho Rocks

"Wow, Zoho scores again. Today they are releasing another update to their spreadsheet product called Zoho Sheet. This is no ordinary update, IMO. …They continue to leave Google Docs and Spreadsheets in their dust with added functionality. Google gets more eyeballs, but Zoho is just better!" Barry Dahl, Far From a Shining Star

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About Zoho and AdventNet

Zoho is creating the most comprehensive suite of affordable, online collaborative productivity applications and business applications for today's knowledge workers. To date, Zoho has launched 16 different applications and more are in the works. Zoho has received numerous awards including a 2008 PC WORLD 25 Most Innovative Products Award for Zoho Notebook and "Best Enterprise Start-up" at The 2007 Crunchies. Nearly 200 developers work on the Zoho suite. For more information on Zoho, please visit www.zoho.com and blogs.zoho.com.

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