Zoho Subscriptions works with Stripe to uncomplicate payments

Stripe is one of the leading payment gateways that facilitates online payment collections for businesses around the globe. Stripe is seamlessly integrated with Zoho Subscriptions to help you get paid on time without compromising data security.

5 reasons why Stripe and Zoho Subscriptions should be your go-to tools for receiving payments:


One-time and recurring payments

Using Stripe in Zoho Subscriptions, you can collect one-time and recurring payments painlessly.


Configuration in two clicks

If you have a Stripe account already, you can set it up in Zoho Subscriptions in a couple of clicks.

Multi-country support

Stripe Multi-country support

Stripe is supported across multiple countries. Zoho Subscriptions also facilitates receiving Stripe payments from different currencies.

Credit card payments

Zoho Subscriptions enables you to receive credit card payments through Stripe. Since Stripe is deeply integrated with Zoho Subscriptions, Stripe's account updater refreshes your customer card information automatically, when it expires.

Integrated accounting

Zoho Subscriptions is pre-integrated with Zoho Books, online accounting software for growing businesses. By setting up Stripe in Zoho Subscriptions and integrating with Zoho Books, you can account for your Stripe payments, track overall sales through Stripe, check the amount Stripe owes you, and much more.

Zoho Subscriptions helps you handle various aspects of your subscription business:

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