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Over the last two decades, Zoho has grown from a fledgling startup to one of the leading SaaS companies in the world. It has been quite an eventful journey, and it has taught us a thing or two about the software as a service business model and the technology involved in managing it. So, we decided to put that knowledge together for the benefit of the SaaS business community.

Welcome to SaaS Hub!

Kicking off the SaaS Talk series, we have our very own CEO, Sridhar Vembu, sharing his wisdom on launching and successfully running a SaaS company.

In the second edition of SaaS Talk, we reach out to Dhruvil Sanghvi, the co-founder/CEO of LogiNext. Dhruvil talks about the typical challenges he faced while deciding to target an unconventional market.

Predict your SaaS business'

future revenue


A webinar series which talks about expertly managing your SaaS recurring billing. It covers the basics of subscription management, steps involved in retaining your customer base, and how to use advanced metrics to predict your business growth.

Setting up your subscription billing

Learn the basics of setting up your recurring billing management, from creating product plans to using advanced subscription metrics.

Chapter 1

Streamlining your business sales

Learn the different ways of setting up payments and collecting them from your customers using Zoho Subscriptions.

Chapter 2

Ensuring customer retention in the subscription era

Learn the various tools and processes that you can leverage to ensure customer satisfaction and reduce churn to a minimum.

Chapter 3

Getting more out of Zoho Subscriptions

Learn how you can use our workflows, custom functions, and open APIs to customize the product for your specific business needs.

Chapter 4

From pricing models to free trial management, learn more about managing your SaaS business billing with Zoho Subscriptions.

SaaS billing

Learn how Zoho uses Zoho Subscriptions to handle its SaaS billing.

Learn more

SaaS trial management

Understand the basics of SaaS free trial management and use it to empower your business.

Learn more

SaaS pricing models

Explore the different SaaS pricing models using examples from Zoho's product suite.

Learn more

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Message from CEO

Zoho is a software company that ships 45+ products globally. Operating on a subscription pricing model for more than 20 years has given us the opportunity to face and overcome the practical pain points of subscription businesses. Let us solve your subscription billing challenges, together.

Sridhar Vembu

CEO, Zoho Corporation

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