Why does your startup need good subscription software in 2019?

Managing a startup is a hard task for anyone. You will have to run things with few people and even fewer resources. Of all the checkboxes to tick, you should consider billing a top priority one, as it contributes directly to revenue. And you need good subscription billing software to help you streamline your billing and help you get paid faster.

So what does good subscription software offer to startups?

Offers flexibility

As a startup, it's important to reach out to a wider audience. So, your billing software needs to provide various payment methods like cash, check, card, ACH and online banking, for potential customers to pay for your product or service.

Recovers lost revenue

During the early stages of a startup, revenue is hard to come by. So, a good subscription software should help you salvage revenue lost due to involuntary failed payments, with automated card retries and failure notifications.

Helps you retain customers

Startups can't afford to lose existing customers. Your subscription software should give you insights into customer usage patterns and also help you retain defecting customers by providing options to win them back.

And Is easy on the pocket

Although good subscription software should provide all the mentioned benefits, it shouldn't burn a hole in a startup's pocket.

Now, say hello to Zoho Subscriptions, the go-to software for startups all around the world

Subscription billing, Recurring Payments software - Zoho Subscriptions

Zoho Subscriptions ticks all the boxes that constitute good subscription software for startups

Offers multiple payment options to customers
Helps retain existing customers
Recovers lost revenue
Is Affordable

Zoho Subscriptions offers much more to help startups with subscription billing

Morgan Dailey

Morgan Dailey

Cofounder and VP of Customer Experience, Opiniion

In all the chaos of a tech startup, backend systems can be a total time drain. We sought a solution that would allow consistency through an entire sales process, and Zoho Subscriptions fit the bill.

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