SalesIQ is a tracking and message platform where you can get all your leads from, to begin the sales cycle. However following up with these leads and qualifying them as a prospect and then closing deals with customers can be done more comfortably on a CRM platform.

Zoho CRM allows to manage customer accounts and allows you to monitor all of their accounts from a shared database.  It also helps you identify and target inactive leads, follow up and transform them into your future customers. Its real power comes to the force when it profiles a visitor as either a recurring customer or a new lead. When it sees a returning customer, it pulls in everything you need to know about the visitor including their previous transactions, giving you ample room to craft your approach and prioritize the hot lead over anyone else.

Zoho CRM calls its live chat software Zoho SalesIQ when it needs to take care of the tasks like visitor-operator co-operation via the Live Chat Feature, Zoho SalesIQ gives you another edge by pouring over your visitors and segmenting them according to which stage they are in the customer journey.  It is a smart way to look at your visitors, ensuring that you never let a visitor who is likely to buy it from your competition instead. You can re-align all sorts of strategies with visitors by using SalesIQ's message platform approach.

You can chat with visitors by clicking on the small chat symbol on the visitor notification pop-up in CRM, which in turn directs to SalesIQ's operator chat window. SalesIQ provides a powerful Live Chat feature and the chat transcripts are pushed as attachments in CRM if required.


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