Release Notes - iOS


Event series

Version 5


SDK v5.3.0

7 Mar 2023


  • Added support for Georgian[ka], Armenian[hy], and Persian[fa] languages. You can change to these languages using the .Chat.setLanguage() API.

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed an issue with the .Chat.Show() API when the "Hide widget when offline" option was enabled in the Business hours configuration. 


SDK v5.2.0

22 Feb 2023

Bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements.


SDK v5.1.0

11 Jan 2023

Bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements.


SDK v5.0.1

20 Dec 2022

Bug fix:

  • Handled string customization for operator busy case during bot chat transfer.

SDK v5.0.0

24 Nov 2022

Our v5.0.0 release brings many new and exciting features to your favorite in-app support and engagement tool, Mobilisten.

What's new

  • Added support to edit, delete and reply to a message in your app user's ongoing chat/conversation. 
  • Introduced read receipts support in the conversation. 


  • Get debug logs for your application from app users instantly with a click using new Logger APIs
  • Added support to change the order of tabs in SalesIQ SDK inside your mobile app using setTabOrder API
  • A new delegate method, shouldOpenURL introduced to customize URL redirection. 
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.


Version 4


SDK v4.2.10

1 Nov 2022

Bug fix:

  • Fixed the issue where in a few cases, conversations end automatically when auto-assign is enabled. 

SDK v4.2.9

8 Oct 2022

Bug fix:

  • Fixed issues with chat queuing when bots transfer chats to operators. 

SDK v4.2.8

26 May 2022

Bug fixes:

  • This version fixes the issue mentioned here.
  • This version fixes an issue with the selection input card responses when used within the codeless bot builder

SDK v4.2.7

22 March 2022

Bug fixes:

This version fixes an issue with showLauncher API not working when the API is invoked from the background when the mobilisten UI is kept open.

SDK v4.2.6

15 February 2022


What's new:

  • Mobilisten now supports 6 new languages. (Bulgarian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Filipino, Finnish, and Chinese traditional)
  • Added UI customizations for the following components:
    • Article message. Learn more
    • File message. Learn more
    • Attachments sheet within the chat. Learn more
    • Articles page tool-bar. Learn more


SDK v4.2.5

1 February 2022

Bug fixes:

  • This version fixes a build error that occurs when a project uses the SocketRocket pod as a dependency alongside Mobilisten. Github Issue #22.

SDK v4.2.4

12 January 2022

Bug fix:

  • This version fixes an issue with the pre-chat form not being disabled for proactive chats when turned off via the SalesIQ console in the case where the brand is mapped to a single department.

SDK v4.2.3

6 December 2021

Changes & Enhancements:

  • Enhancements to localization for right-to-left (RTL) languages.

Bug fixes:

  • This version fixes an issue due to which media synced via iCloud cannot be shared through live chat.

SDK v4.2.2

15 November 2021

Changes & Enhancements:

  • Enhanced localization for right-to-left (RTL) languages.

SDK v4.2.1

8 October 2021

Bug fixes:

  • This version fixes a bug where the connecting state is displayed repeatedly before starting a chat in non-US DCs.​

SDK v4.2.0

24 September 2021


  • Added support to collect translation consent from the user if the configuration allows users to opt out.

Changes & Enhancements:

  • Enhanced chat performance and UI enhancements.

Bug fixes:

  • This version fixes a conflict with the "Reachability" library. Github Issue #19.


SDK v4.1.0

20 July 2021


  • This version adds support to restrict users from starting multiple parallelly open chats. The state of the configuration may be checked using the ZohoSalesIQ.Chat.multipleOpenRestricted API. Configure the same under Settings → Brands → {Your_Brand} → Flow Controls → Parallel conversations.


SDK v4.0

8 June 2021


  • Chat queueing supported. New chats can now be queued if all the operators assigned to a brand are engaged.
  • Added chatQueuePositionChanged delegate method in ZohoSalesIQChatDelegate. This method is called when the queue position of a chat is updated.
  • Added Chat.getDepartments API which can be used to fetch the list of departments configured for a brand.

Changes & Enhancements:

  • The voice message feature can no longer be toggled using the Chat.setVisibility API. You can enable it in the SalesIQ console by navigating to Brands(Websites) > Configurations > Voice notes and enabling the feature.
  • Mobilisten in-app notification got a modern design makeover with added UI customization. Learn More.
  • Debug Symbols for iOS device architecture are now bundled into the Mobilisten XCFramework.

Bug Fixes:

  • We have squashed bugs and enhanced compatibility with the codeless bot flow builder in SalesIQ 2.0.
  • Issue while opening chat UI in applications where the AppDelegate's window is nil is now fixed.

Version 3


SDK v3.6

12 January 2020


  • Added chat waiting title message customization using the setMessage API.
  • Miscellaneous UI and performance enhancements.


SDK v3.5

29 September 2020


  • Added support for the Password Input Card within bot conversations.

Changes & Enhancements:

  • Included arm64 architecture slice for Apple Silicon based macs required for iOS Simulators on Xcode 12 within the Mobilisten XCFramework.

Bug Fixes:

  • This version fixes an issue with the registerVisitor API causing the SDK to not start for non-US DC portals.


SDK v 3.4

3 September 2020


  • Added support for invoking client API for use in custom triggers. Learn more.

Bug Fixes:

  • This version fixes a bug which causes a failure in syncing messages after the app returns to the foreground.


SDK v 3.3

18 August 2020


  • Added sending and sent states for outgoing messages in chat.

Changes & Enhancements:

  • Option to reopen chats is now disabled by default.
  • Added option to resend or delete messages which have failed to send.
  • Miscellaneous UI and performance enhancements.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash that occurs when opening incoming Image messages.


SDK v 3.2

16 July 2020


  • Added waiting for network connection banner in conversations list and chat window when the device is no longer connected to a network.
  • Added customization options to change the no network banner appearance.
  • Deprecated ZohoSalesIQ.Chat.setVisibility(ChatComponent.conversationHistory) API.
  • Added ZohoSalesIQ.Conversation.setTitle API allowing users to set a custom title for the conversations list. Learn More
  • Added ZohoSalesIQ.Conversation.setVisibility API allowing users to toggle conversation history within Mobilisten UI. Learn More
  • Enhanced performance of the SDK while sending text messages.

Bug Fixes:

  • ​​Added fix for a bug while starting a proactive chat causing the chat window to freeze.
  • Added fixes for a few coredata multi-threading violations.


SDK v 3.1

2 July 2020


  • Added support for single and multiple product display cards.
  • Added support for the dropdown input card.
  • Added support for the suggestions display card.
  • Added Visitor.setLocation API allowing you to set the Visitor's secondary location. Learn More
  • Added support for client actions in bot display cards. Learn More


  • Added "Driven by SalesIQ Mobilisten" branding at the bottom of chat, for portals on the free plan/license.
  • Images within bot cards can now be previewed in full screen with a tap.
  • Added customization to allow changing the input text field placeholder.
  • Added theme.Chat.Message.Common.typingStyle property to change the appearance of the typing indicator in chat.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with downloading images when the URL is not encoded.
  • Fixed a few coredata concurrency violations causing random crashes.
  • Fixed a bug with Mobilisten not working in Objective-C projects when the simulator is selected as the run target.


SDK v 3.0

10 June, 2020


  • Added support for native dark mode in iOS 13.
  • Added support for re-opening closed and missed chats.
  • Added support for creating/having multiple parallely open chats.
  • Added support for Pre-chat Forms.
  • Added support for extended custom SDK theming using Theme APIs. Learn more.
  • Added support for multi-client live sync for messages in the SDK once the visitor is registered using the ZohoSalesIQ.register Visitor API. 
  • Added ZohoSalesIQ.delegate conforming to ZohoSalesIQDelegate protocol to help developers track various user performed events. Learn More
  • Added ZohoSalesIQ.Chat.delegate conforming to ZohoSalesIQChatDelegate protocol to help developers track events related to chat. Learn more.
  • Added ZohoSalesIQ.FAQ.delegate conforming to ZohoSalesIQFAQDelegate protocol to help developers track events related to articles. Learn more.
  • Added Chat.getList API that enables you to fetch the list of chats had by the visitor. This API provides data of each chat and enables you to make your own custom user interfaces powered by Mobilisten. Learn More.
  • Added Chat.fetchAttenderImage API that can be used to fetch attender images for chats. This API can be used to show profile images in a custom made chat list UI. Learn More
  • Added FAQ.getArticles API that allows to fetch the list of Articles from your SalesIQ knowledge base.
  • Added FAQ.getCategories API that allows to fetch a list of FAQ categories from your SalesIQ knowledge base
  • Added support for sending Files in chat via the attachments menu.
  • Added support for the new input cards - Name, Email, Phone and, URL.
  • Added support for the new display card - Video.
  • Added support for the pending-action feature in bot messages.
  • Bot-busy action is now supported in Mobilisten.


  • Refined and cut down on background network operations in the SDK. This will reduce network and battery usage.
  • Performance of the SDK has been enhanced.
  • Shifted to using WKWebView in our SDK for displaying articles.
  • Deprecated ZohoSalesIQ.Admin.setChatHandler API
  • Deprecated ZohoSalesIQ.Chat.setBarColor API
  • Deprecated ZohoSalesIQ.Chat.setBarTintColor API
  • Deprecated ZohoSalesIQ.Chat.setSearchTintColor API
  • Deprecated ZohoSalesIQ.Chat.setThemeColor API
  • Deprecated ZohoSalesIQ.Chat.setIncomingMessageBackgroundColor API
  • Deprecated ZohoSalesIQ.Chat.setOutgoinMessageBackgroundColor API
  • Removed ZohoSalesIQ.Chat.setRecentShowLimit API
  • Enhanced the API to allow opening chats using a chat referencing. Learn More
  • Suggestions are now displayed in a vertical stack fashion by default. This can be changed to the older horizontal scroll style if needed using the displayStyle property available in Suggestion theming.
  • Changed the text shown in the chat window header. It now displays the reference ID followed by the visitor's question instead of the chat attender's name.
  • Some UI changes to the way conversations are displayed in the conversation list view
  • Push notifications from Mobilisten will now be cleared once the chat corresponding to the notification is opened.
  • Added the option to not display articles grouped by categories in the FAQ tab. This changes based on the settings configured on the portal.
  • Operator images are now visible by default in the Chat window.
  • The voice message function is now disabled by default. It can be enabled using the ZohoSalesIQ.Chat.setVisibility API.
  • A more modern and refined Feedback & Rating UI.
  • Any Rating provided will now show as happiness ratings instead of stars on the SalesIQ portal.
  • We have changed the way conversation history disable option works in iOS. Instead of a single-threaded chat view, we have rewritten our chat to clear data from chat window once a chat is completed.
  • The behaviour of the startChat API has now been changed in iOS. Calling the startChat API now opens a chat window and connects a chat with the agents with the provided question.
  • We have added an option to edit the rating of a chat that was already rated.
  • The conversations list has been made more performant.
  • The option toggle to add/remove the ability to request for email transcript now reflects in Mobilisten
  • Chat.endSession API now takes a chat referenceID as a parameter. Learn more.
  • We have additionally added unreadCount, lastMessageTime, lastMessage, status, departmentName, attenderID, isBotAttender in the SIQVisitorChat class.
  • We have added a maximum selection count hit notifying banner when the user tries to select more than the maximum amount of selections allowed in the multi-select bot message.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug due to which some emojis were not working in chat.
  • Fixed a bug in markdown where the 'underline' markdown was not working in a few cases.
  • Fixed a few bugs in chat that were causing message glitches in a few cases.
  • Fixed a few placeholders that were not working in the dynamic text in SalesIQ
  • Fixed a crash when camera permission is denied later on from settings and the user tries to open the camera.
  • Fixed a crash while showing alerts when the SDK is forcefully rotated in landscape
  • Fixed a bug causing bot suggestions to overlap with bot articles display card in chat.
  • Fixed some cases where the in-app notification banner was not showing in some cases previously.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause the application to crash if the application has a SceneDelegate
  • Fixed a bug where conversations were not being restored sometimes on using the registerVisitor API.

Version 2


SDK v2.1.6

27 October, 2019


  • Added API to toggle the availability of email transcript, screenshots, and options to restrict access to camera in the SalesIQ chat window - API Documentation
  • Improvement in chat event handler methods and ZohoSalesIQDelegate method.

Bug Fix:

  • Fix for user interface bugs in iOS 13
  • Fix for ZohoSalesIQDelegate not being exposed within objective C projects
  • Fix for a rarely occurring crash when the application is in background in iOS 13
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

SDK v2.1.5

21 September, 2019

Features :

  • Added support for AU Datacenter


  • Added new API to toggle in-app notification visibility - Learn more
  • Messages sent have a smooth finish


  • Fix for UI bugs in the iOS simulator
  • Fix for support chat session not ending in the SDK, it would end from the web app when the visitor does not respond to the first message sent by the operator
  • Fix for Bluetooth permission request alerts showing up for devices running on iOS 13.

SDK v2.1.4

13 August, 2019


  • Markdown supported in operator sent messages - Learn more
  • SDK wide support for GIFs 


  • Added API to set maximum count of recently viewed articles - API documentation
  • Added API to set navigation bar title colour - API documentation
  • Added API to set navigation bar search tint colour - API documentation
  • Several subtle changes in the SDK user interface for a more modern look
  • SDK user interface has been completely adapted to respect safe area layout margins on the newer generation of iOS devices
  • Design revamp of image, video, GIF, file, audio player and feedback components within the support chat window
  • Newly designed Media preview and browse screens within support chat window
  • Improved readability of text messages sent within the support chat window
  • Newly designed Screenshot UI shown while capturing a screenshot
  • Visitors now get a confirmation screen before they send a captured screenshot
  • Performance improvements in video player and resource utilization
  • More refined animations within the support chat windows when messages transition from typing state
  • Changed argument of #setLanguage(Language) API in SDK to take only the Language enum as an argument
  • If URLS not using https are used for media assets or articles, ArbitraryLoads property should be set to YES in AppTransportSecurity in their application's info.plist file for those assets to load within the SDK

Bug Fix: 

  • Fixed a crash in video player
  • Fixed crash when visitor navigates into the support chat window via a custom button set within the app while visitor is on the take-screenshot window
  • Fixed SDK failing to start in iOS 13
  • Fixed broken animations in media selection screen
  • Fixed broken layouts in some bot components
  • Fix for end session timer getting removed when visitor opens chat window
  • Fixed some event handlers not getting triggered
  • Fixed some data[Example: visitID] not being available within the visitor object in chat event handlers
  • Fixed barTintColor not being applied for buttons within some bot components
  • Fixed multiple typing indicators being shown sometimes in the wrong order
  • Fixed some SDK owned view controller names showing in visitor tracking information
  • Fixed several miscellaneous bugs in SDK

SDK v2.1.3

9 July, 2019

Features :  

  • An option for customer to send a transcript of their conversation with support, to their desired email address 


  • Updated SDK to use Swift 5
  • Able to reply to messages right from push notifications
  • The support chat window will now show an offline banner if operators in the organisation are unavailable at that time
  • Additional API to get unread message count from the SDK - API documentation

Bug Fix:

  • Added a fix for SDK crashing when taking a screenshot of the support chat window
  • Fixed the opening of the incorrect SDK screen when push notifications are clicked
  • Fixed an issue where feedback message becomes hidden when double tapped
  • Added a few miscellaneous bug fixes

SDK v2.1.2

14 March, 2019

Features :

  • Sending and receiving voice messages supported


  • SDK has been updated to work on swift 4.2
  • Added caching for layout attributes to achieve a smoother scrolling experience
  • We have moved from using core-data as our store for media files to the documents directory
  • We now trim spaces in the SDK app and access keys

SDK v2.1.1

14 December, 2018

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed a crash related to the use of UITableView observer in the client application
  • Now allowing visitors to send screenshots even if their support chat request is yet to be attended
  • Removed haptic feedback on the slider due to an internal error

SDK v2.1

31 October, 2018

Features :   

  • Zobot: Support for bot interaction with widgets and actions - Learn more


  • The launcher button is now dynamic and can be moved by a simple pan gesture
  • Added an API to register the visitors - API documentation
  • Added an API to deregister the visitors - API documentation
  • We have added a couple of UI improvements to the chat window

Bug Fix:

  • Added miscellaneous bug fixes

SDK v2.0.1

23 May, 2018

Features : 

  •  Added support for GDPR options and the ability to obtain consent for in-app tracking from customers based on portal settings - Learn more
  •  Added option for visitors to opt out from the support chat feature based on portal settings
  •  Added support and alert for google translation within the chat window


  • We now mask sensitive information like credit card details. A prompt is shown to mask the first 12 digits

SDK v2.0

11 April, 2018

Features :

  • Added a FAQ section in the chat window where visitors can view all articles - Learn more 


  • Added a new user interface for support chat conversations
  • Added a new user interface for the FAQ section

Version 1


SDK v1.3 

11 February, 2018

Features :

  • Added a new conversations' screen where all previous conversations of the visitor can be found 


SDK v1.2

21 January, 2018


  • Added new sandbox and production modes in the enable push API
  • Added optimization for iPhone X

Bug Fix:

  • Added a fix for the "take screenshot" feature failing to work and would show a black screen instead
  • Added a fix for videos failing to upload
  • Added a patch for the input text view not scrolling up when visitors pastes' from long text
  • Added a fix for the flickering of default chat image
  • Added a fix for chat-window showing a new message alert, even when there are no new messages
  • Added a fix for an extra space between the keyboard and text input view
  • Added a fix where copying messages from the support chat window and pasting the same in the input view would fail
  • Added a fix for a user interface bug where the input view would be misplaced when switching to a different app


SDK v1.1

20 November, 2017  


  • Added support for EU and CN data centres 

SDK v1.0

11 June, 2017 

Features :

  • Introducing visitor tracking in SDK
  • Provides live support chat within SDK
  • Provides proactive chat and support for intelligent triggers in SDK


  • Added ability to send push notifications - Learn more
  • Added support for multiple international languages