Sample Chatbots

​Lead Generation

Lead generation ain’t going to be a difficult task anymore as this bot out here knows how to entice visitors hitting your site into buying your products effortlessly.


The bot is designed to knock off your monotonous sales grind. It would aid you in scrutinizing and filtering out probable prospects from the junk leads hitting your site, and also support the existing customers.


Takes the burden of scheduling and managing demos and calls with visitors hitting your site off your shoulder.


A perfect choice for those who run an online automotive marketplace. Be it showcasing the cars stacked up in your store or aiding the visitors who need roadside assistance, this bot can handle them all effortlessly.


This bot here is going to take off all the tedious tasks that you deal with in your everyday routine off your shoulders just like that.


Into the divine job of enlightening and educating people around? Then this bot will be a perfect companion for you!


A bot that you will have to go to if you are into the hospitality business, as it can handle almost all the prime aspects of it.

Real Estate

Get the most intuitive, advanced real estate bots that engage, nurture, and convert buyers and sellers into clients.


Build a Zobot that can send out FAQs with the help of Google Spreadsheets instead of scripts to respond to other common questions that are not updated in the spreadsheet.


Build a Zobot that can help in webinar registrations and can also keep track of visitors who register for the webinars inside CRM

Help Desk

Build a Zobot that increases the help desk efficiency by helping with feature requests, demo scheduling and connecting visitors to the right operators

Conversation Routing

Build a Zobot that connects visitors to the right operators/departments based on their queries.

OTP Verification

Prevent junk information by verifying the customer contact details with OTP

Get Available Slots

Fetch the operator's available slots in Zoho Bookings to schedule an appointment

Schedule Appointment

Create an appointment on Zoho Bookings with the visitor's preferred date & time

List ticket list

Fetch visitor's recent ticket list from Zoho Desk by their email address

Ticket Status

Fetch visitor's ticket status from Zoho Desk by obtaining ticket number from them

Personalise bot behaviour

Improve your customer interaction experience by letting Zobot remember your website visitor name

Google Sheets

Read and write values/data in a Google sheet with Zobot with this plug

OpenAI (ChatGPT) Integration

Reach maximum potential with SalesIQ Zobot and ChatGPT Integration

ChatGPT Assistant Integration

With Zobot + ChatGPT Assistant, make your business-specific chatbot

eCommerce Order Tracking

Track your eCommerce order real-time with Zobot - Zoho commerce integration

Get Cliq Notificaiton

Get Notified on Cliq When Your Premium Customers Interact with SalesIQ's Zobot