There was a time when the administrator used to manage all the operations and get the reports done manually. ​Now reports can be easily exported/mailed to further analyze the team's performance.

See how many conversations your team is having, how your teammates are performing and how happy your customers are. You can also review how each teammate's performance by checking the number of conversations they have participated in, their median response time, all in one place. 

These reports give the administrator an overall view of everything that is going on in the live chat operation. You can also generate a detailed insight into how your conversation volume is changing over time, so you can ensure that the team is well planned and resourced to handle large number of chat conversations. 

The daily and monthly summary reports can be sent to your email that keeps a check on the website traffic, sales conversion, operator performance and more. SalesIQ keeps you a step ahead in identifying trends and comparing them with similar subjects.  Make business decisions with the help of reports by

  • Identifying specific periods where targets are being hit and missed.
  • Measure your performance against each target over time.
  • Report your team’s success rate for meeting customer expectations.

You can also analyze your report over a custom time period, or choose a default time frame and choose suitable departments for the report.  Make sure to plan with these suggestions to save a substantial amount of your time in managing the working fraternity. These reports can be sent as mail, exported or even saved as a PDF in your system.


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