Triggers are business rules that exist to grab the attention of the website visitors when they perform certain actions: land on a website, click a link/button, scroll a page, subscribe, access a page, leave website and so on..

Every visitor coming to your website cannot be messaged and forced to converse/interact with, unless a criteria is set for the hot visitors. Setting up criteria helps us classify the visitors based on their activities in the website.

Triggers manage the flow of your work and try to improvise on your customer satisfaction by automatically performing actions based on visitor triggers. For example, when a visitor is planning to book a movie ticket, a trigger is generated and the visitor can view discount on the screen as soon as he views the price of the ticket. You can also consider other examples where a visitor is greeted with a personalized message when he lands on the website, or also consider a situation where a certain page on your website gets maximum views but it doesn't convert to sales, you could then setup a trigger for chat invite every time a visitor leaves the page. This way you get a chance to understand why prospects leave the page without any sales conversion and fix the issue of your product.

So go to your Automation tab under Settings and click Intelligent triggers to create triggers. Make sure to use these suggestions and you can drive in a lot of visitor attention on your product.

Remember that when your triggers are integrated with other applications like email campaigns and CRM, you gain the maximum sales conversion out of it.

To learn more about triggers in Zoho SalesIQ, Click here and to watch videos on intelligent trigger, Click here.


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