A sales representative face repetitive issues and queries from different customers every day. He explains the same steps and methods repeatedly by typing them out. Not just steps and methods, even welcome messages are typed out repeatedly by the sales rep. This wastes a substantial amount of time, not just for the sales rep but also for the customers. Thus, canned replies were created.

‘Canned Responses’ are predefined responses to a set of predefined queries or repetitive statements used. You need to type the reply once, save it and reuse it during your live chat sessions.  
Dynamic canned responses can be used to address messages in a personalized way to a group or community. The dynamic text will be auto-populated when the "%" symbol is typed along with the message. For example, to message a group of users you have subscribed to my channel, i can use the given canned dynamic message: Good Morning %visitor.name% , i have published a new page, please go to my bio and check out the link.

So go to your Templates tab under settings and click Canned Responses.  You can create department specific canned responses by selecting a department while creating the canned response. Once the message is typed and saved as a canned response, it can be accessed in chat window by using "#". Use these suggestions to save the sales rep and the customer's valuable time.

To learn more about canned responses in Zoho SalesIQ, Click here and for dynamic responses, Click here.

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