The Operator's chat window is the most common way any visitor/customer would interact when they land on the website, in case of any queries and product learning. Thus the settings cum "features" in the chat window play a major role in sales conversion owing to suit your customer base.

Now, coming to the operator chat window settings, SalesIQ provides various settings like Show typing status to visitor,  Send file to visitor, Share URL, Email Visitor Information, Google Translation for conversing with visitors from different regions, Allowing screen sharing to understand the product flow and usage,  Audio call, Visitor Chat transcript to be sent to visitor.

Each feature given above makes a sincere effort to keep the visitor/customer more involved and make their experience as a user more comfortable and detailed.

So go to your Portal Settings tab under Settings, scroll down to Operator Chat Window Configurations.  Enable the settings required for your visitor chat window. Ensure to use these settings in the portal around these suggestions, and you can save a substantial amount of your time increasing sales.


To learn more about the chat window settings in Zoho SalesIQ: Click here


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