Proactive chat is a feature that allows the operators to interact with their website visitors one-on-one. With the visitor data collected, proactive chat can either be triggered manually by operators or can be automated based on intelligent triggers.

An operator can always reach out proactively (manually) from the Visitor Online section of the account. Clicking on the visitor info tile, opens a proactive chat window which gives various information along with the visitor path and a proactive chat. Incase you have many departments in your portal, it helps you select the department before sending out a message to the visitor. Even if you have only enabled visitor tracking on your website, you can still trigger a proactive chat to your website visitors. 

The administrator can automate the proactive chats by using intelligent triggers like Send Chat invite, where proactive chats are initiated when a particular visitor matches the criteria set by the trigger.

Proactive chats tend to give in invaluable information of navigation, pricing concerns, product pages visited, whats hold them from purchasing etc.  Proactive chat windows also support Canned Messages in order to avoid time-consuming conversations and make the replies quicker, which in turn increases the probability of increasing sales conversion. However, it is necessary to understand that proactive chats can be put to work only if the operators are online.

So go to your Visitor Online section and click on the visitor info tile to view the Proactive Chat Window and start initiating conversations to convert visitors to customers.


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