Tips-Prioritize visitors

Find your customers by prioritizing visitors.

Visitors online can be prioritized and filtered only based on the visitors routed to operators. Visitor tracking is the basic requirement to begin the sales cycle. Visitor Online section of the website helps us to generate leads apart from tracking the viistors and their interests.

Prioritizing visitors is limited to an account level. If an operator prioritizes specific set of visitors, another operator can also work on the same criteria as the prioritizing is limited only to their SalesIQ account.

The presets that can be used to prioritize visitors online are: 1. By Action 2. By CRM Values  3. By Last Activity Time  4. By Past Chats 5. By Time Spent  6. By Visits 

Remember that rings can be customized based on these presets. However, it is not necessary that all rings are customized based on a particular preset. Note: You can apply different presets to different rings.

Zoho SalesIQ suggests you to use "Priority Rings" feature efficiently as it helps you from missing sales opportunities and converts website visitors to customers.

Not all the visitors who visit your website purchase in their first session.  Identifying the leads and understanding their intent by looking at their activities in the Proactive window (Visitor path) helps you qualify them. Integrating Clearbit with SalesIQ further helps you in identifying the companies your visitors belong to and helps you guide them based on their business and field.  You require to know visitor's IP address and email address for Clearbit(Reveal) and Clearbit (Enrichment) respectively.

So go to your Visitors Online tab and edit the criteria in Prioritizing your visitors section to view them in Rings and List view.  Do remember that priority drops from inner ring to outer ring in the ring view and left to right in the list view. 

To know more about Prioritizing rings and Clearbit integration, click the below links: 1. Prioritize Visitors ( 2. Integration with Clearbit Reveal. ( 3. Integration with Clearbit Enrichment. (


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