Hide visitors connected to other operators

Operators can filter and prioritize visitors based on the criteria set by them while customizing the priority rings.

The visitors who are now on the rings have matched the criteria set by the operator. However in case some of the visitors have already been approached by other operators, then it would be a waste of time when this operator will approach the same visitor again.

This causes confusion and frustration among the website visitors. In order to avoid this, hiding the visitors who have been approached by other operators is the best way to avoid this.


Hence, Hide visitors connected to other operators option can be enabled in the Customize section of the Visitor Online section.  However, it is important to understand that the operators can prioritise the visitors only based on the visitors that have been routed to him/her by the administrator.  Unchecking the check box doesn't mean that the visitors manually routed to other operators of your department by using Settings > Automation > Visitor routing will also be visible in your Visitors online module.

So go to your Visitor Online section and click on Customise to edit your criteria and then enable "Hide visitors connected to other operators" to save a lot of your time by not approaching the already targeted visitors. To know more on this, click here.


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