When a customer/website visitor uses your product and needs some clarification, he would perform a search on the user guide and a set of results are returned on screen in real time. However, getting hold of the actual solution to their problem is a real challenge in itself. Well, that's not going to be the case if you are using Zoho SalesIQ. A customer tries to connect to an operator for a solution through Live Chat. Before he/she types in their query, the live chat widget presents a tab with a list of all possible articles that already exist on your knowledge base which have been frequently asked. 

Articles ease the task of navigating from one screen to another in search of guides, thus providing the frequently used content to the customer right on the live chat widget. You can draft and attach the content in the articles feature by organizing them based on the subject and storing them in different categories. This will quicken the searching process and the topic will be instantly available to the visitors. The customers can additionally examine the article section to find the article they are looking for.

To use the FAQ feature, we have to enable it by navigating to Settings > Websites > Your website name > Live Chat widget > Chat window > Configurations, and enabling the Allow visitors to access articles. You can edit the name of your knowledge repository and additionally select the categorize your articles box to provide a better visitor experience.
To add an article in the chat window, go to Settings > Templates > Articles.  To know more about the article feature in Zoho SalesIQ, Click here 

Remember that when your system is integrated with other apps like Zoho Desk , you can sync the articles from desk to SalesIQ. This helps the user to access the articles of both Desk and SalesIQ in a single knowledge base. To know more about the real-time sync between Zoho Desk and SalesIQ, Click here. 

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