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What is Visitor History?

Visitor History helps you to find more information about your website visitors and their day to day activity on your website. The visitor history also helps you to track the interests and actions of the visitor on your website, which can also help you to figure out the difficulty faced by the visitor on your website.

Is it possible to Create my Own List view in visitor history?

Yes, you can create your own list view. In settings, choose the Create list, or click on the "Create your own View" link, the "Create your View" window will then appear. Set your own filters and click on the Apply button. The targeted visitors will be filtered and listed in the separate column.

How to view a particular Visitor Behavior over a period of time?

In the Visitor Behavior section, click on the calendar icon, and choose a range in the calendar for which you would like to view the particular visitor behavior. The visitor details for the chosen range will appear in the visitor behavior and interests sections.

Why I couldn't see the CRM Info of the visitor?

The CRM Info will appear only if you have integrated the Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho CRM. The CRM Info tab will appear next to the interest section only if the visitor info is available in Zoho CRM.

What is a Lead Score?

The score gained by the visitor from the overall visits to your website. The score for each visitor is calculated based on the rule you have set in the salesIQ. The score of the Visitor will increase or decrease based on their activities on the website. The overall score can be viewed in the Visitor History -> Visitor Info -> Lead Score.

How is the Lead Score calculated?

The lead score is calculated based on the visitor’s activity on the website. The more actions the visitor perform on the website, the more their score will be increased. The increase or decrease of the score is based on the rule you have set in your SalesIQ.

How to set up a Lead Scoring Rule in SalesIQ?

Go to Settings --> Lead Scoring, set a rule and allocate points for the defined criteria. Based on the rule and the allocated points, the lead score will be calculated for each visitor on your website.

What is the benefit of Lead Score?

You can identify the type of visitor based on their Lead score. The higher the lead score in the Visitor history, the higher the probability of closing the deal. You can set various criteria to score your website visitors based on their actions performed on your website and the visitor’s value in the Zoho CRM.

How does the Lead Scoring recalculate the score?

The score will be reduced by 25% from the current value for the interval specified. The time interval to reduce the Lead Score can be set in the Advanced Configuration section of Lead Scoring.

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