Date Time Slots for SalesIQ Scripts

You can use this card to display the list of date and time slots in the window and allow the visitor to pick one from the given slots.

typeYesThe type of the input to be displayed to the visitordate-timeslots
slotsYesYou can specify the array of dates in dd/mm/yyyy format and time slots in hh:mm (24 hrs) format that you would like to display. The date and time will be sorted in acending order automatically. {
dd/mm/yyyy : [hh:mm, hh:mm]
tzNoYou can specify to allow the visitor to choose the timezone in the calendartrue - To allow the visitor to choose the timezone in the calendar. If not specified, then the timezone of the visitor's device will be taken by default.
time_zone_idYestime_zone_id from the java.util.TimeZone class is validAsia/Calcutta


The above is an example of getting a date and time as input for scheduling appointment.

Use Case:

  "type": "date-timeslots",
  "tz": true,
  "label": "Select a time ",
  "time_zone_id": "Asia/Calcutta",
  "slots": {
    "24/08/2018": [