‚ÄčLocation card

This card helps to get a location from the visitor with a map interface and allows the visitor to pick a location. Additionally, a default location can be sent to the visitors by specifying the latitude and longitude details.

If the default location is not specified, then the current location of the visitor's device will be considered.

typeYesThe type of input to be displayed to the visitorlocation
latNoTo specify the default latitude position to pin the location in the map.float
lngNoTo specify the default longitude position to pin the location in the map.float
radiusNoThe maximum distance radius that is allowed for the visitors to search and select from the provided default location.(n) kms - You can specify the distance radius integer in kilometers.
(n) miles - You can specify the distance radius integer number in miles.
The integer value can be Min 2 - Max 500.
labelNoTo specify the text displayed in the share action button.text
select_labelNoTo set customized text for widget values/slot submission actions

Instead of 'Schedule' custom text like 'Choose a slot" will be displayed

Note: Maximum character limit for values passed inside the select_label key is 20

Channel compatibility and limitations



  • This card is supported in WhatsApp and works similar to the website. 
  • Using the "share location" feature in WhatsApp, a location can be captured in SalesIQ. 

Note: Facebook messenger and Instagram channels do not support this card. However, you can handle it differently using the channel value in the visitor map. For example, provide an if condition statement (if the visitor's channel is Facebook or Instagram) and ask for the visitor's location as a reply. 




Use Case 1: The location is static that can be used to display specific location.

  "type": "location",
  "lat": "37.686318",
  "lng": "-121.893427",
  "radius": "2 kms",
  "label":"Share Location",
  "select_label":"Send my locale"

Use Case 1: The location is dynamic that can be used to get location as input.

  "type": "location",
  "label":"Share Location",
  "select_label":"Send my locale"