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What is Visitor Tracking?

The visitors visiting your website will be tracked by SalesIQ and the visitors will be prioritized and shown in the Visitor Online tab. You can also view the visitors

How to initiate a proactive chat to the Website Visitors?

Clicking above the visitor info in the Visitor Online screen, will display the proactive chat window to initiate a chat. You have to type your question and hit "enter" in the text box provided below or click “Start Chat” to initiate a chat with the visitor.

How to Prioritize the Visitors?

To customize the priority circle/list, go to "customize" on the right side the Visitor Online tab. Then, click on the space below "Prioritize your visitor", select the required condition followed by setting up the criteria then click "save".

Where to track the Website Visitors?

You can track your website visitors in the "Visitors Online" screen. You have two types of views to track your visitors: The Ring View and List View. The visitor tracking screen consist of visitor basic information and also notify the visitor activities on your website.

What is Presets?

Zoho SalesIQ tracking also provides six different default presets for easy and quick customization.

  • By Action – Actions performed by the visitor in the website (Eg., Accessed, Clicked, Contacted, etc.)
  • By CRM Values – Prioritize based on the CRM Values of the Visitor (Applicable only for CRM operators)
  • By Last Activity Time – Visitors last activity time in the website.
  • By Past Chats – Number of past chats with the visitor
  • By Time Spent – Time spent by the visitor in the website
  • By Visits – Count on number of visits by the visitor

How to hide the visitors connected to other operators?

To hide the visitors contacted by other visitors, in Visitor Online tab -> customization. select the "Hide the visitors contacted by other operator" checkbox, the visitors will be filtered and displayed on the Visitor Online tab.

How to disable tracking?

Go to Settings -> Web embed section, choose the embed you would like to disable tracking. In Button Appearance section, click on the "Change Appearance". Turn off the "Tracking" option and click on the save to register changes.

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