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Support each-and-every interaction your team has with your customers by providing on-demand customer support through screen sharing and remote assistance in the live chat window.

Integrate Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho Assist to request your visitors for a remote assistance session and take control of their screen, and fix the issues in seconds. Also use the screen sharing session, you can also share your screen with the visitors for a demo session.

Not just this, the administrator can decide the operators who can avail the screen share and remote assistance option in their chat window. For example, when a website owner purchases 10 licenses in Zoho SalesIQ and 5 licenses in Zoho Assist, he can  choose the five operators who require Zoho Assist and manually provide them the screen share and remote assistance features while conversing with the visitors through live chat.

For your info:

Please check the list if you face any error with the screen sharing session:

  • If you are using the Linux operating system, then the screen sharing feature will not work for you. As, the Linux OS is not supported by Zoho Assist.
  • Free Zoho Assist Users: If you are a portal owner in both Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho Assist, then you will not have any session restrictions. If you are an associate, then you are allowed to initiate one session per day.
  • Paid Zoho Assist Users: The sessions for the other plan users depends on the plan with Zoho Assist.
  • In Zoho Assist, you cannot have account in two different org. If you are already a member of a portal, and if a portal owner of an other org tries to include you to a different portal, then you will be exclude automatically while initiating the sync. The portal owner should send you a private invite to add you to the portal, then you will be removed from the previous portal and synced with the requested portal.

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