• Can I join the SalesIQ portal as an associate?

    Yes, you can. An administrator should invite you to join the Zoho SalesIQ portal.

    1. Once they add your email address in the portal, you will receive an email. Click Accept.
    2. Enter the required info and click Continue.

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  • Where can I view my performance reports?

    • You can view your performance report by navigating to the My Profile tab. This report will provide information about the operator activity, operator attended chats and operator ratings. 
    • Clicking on Performance Report will display your performance for the current day by default. You can filter the department and time period to gauge your performance.

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  • Is it possible to view visitors' feedback?

    Yes, it is possible to view feedback from your visitors. To do so :

    • In SalesIQ dashboard, navigate to Feedback.
    • Clicking the feedback icon in the SalesIQ dashboard will enlist all the feedbacks starting from the most recent one.
    • Select a particular feedback to open the chat review window.
    • On the top right of the chat review window you can find: Full view of comment (if any), Associated Department, Duration of the chat, Notes made by the operator during the chat.
    • Option to send out a reply email to the visitor (if provided), for a follow up or thanking them for taking the time to rate their operator and leaving a helpful comment.

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  • Where will I find the chat history?

    • You can view your chat history by navigating to the Chats module in SalesIQ.
    • When you enter the view, you will see chats from your Zoho SalesIQ, the most recent displayed at the top, and going back in time as you scroll down.
    • Each section displays the name and e-mail address of the visitor who started the chat, their question, and the time they submitted the chat along with the agent that attended their live chat offline request.

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  • Can I filter a particular category of chats?

    • You can filter how you view the chats from the Filter drop-down menu at the top-right Filter the history by agent, status (closed, attended online, attended by e-mail address, or missed) department, embed or date. 
    • You can view different categories of chats as well - Active, Missed, Reopened, Closed, and Monitored chats. You can use filters for each of these categories and customize your view.
  • Is it possible to delete records from history?


    • You can delete a specific record by hovering over the record, checking the box to the left of the visitor’s name that appears and then clicking the Delete button that appears in the top-left of the History view.
    • To delete multiple records at once, you can follow the process of checking the box to the left of multiple records, and then clicking the Delete button. If you want to delete all records you have pulled up through a certain filter, check one box to the left of a record, and then check the box to the left of the Delete button—this will select all the records on the current view, the number of which it will display on the Delete button—and you can click Delete to clear them out of your system.
  • Can I adjust the volume or mute incoming chat sounds from the dashboard?

    • In the SalesIQ dashboard, click on the speaker icon at the top right to mute all incoming chat sounds, if muted click the muted speaker icon ( X through the speaker).
    • Hover over the speaker icon to view the volume slider, adjust the volume to the desired using the volume slider.
  • How to change the operator language?

    If you wish to change the language, then:

    1. Navigate to Settings -> Operators > My Profile >and click on the Settings icon.
    2. In the Locale section, choose the language you prefer from the drop-down, and click Save.
  • Can I make audio calla using SalesIQ?

    You can initiate a call from the operator window and once the visitor picks up the call, both will get connected via audio call. If the call gets disconnected, they can use the Call Again option to connect back to the visitors.

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  • How to block a person from initiating a chat?

    • In the settings page, navigate to Blocked IP under Controls.
    • Click the Add button on the top right corner
    • Enter the spammer's IP address in the input field.
    • If you want to block the spammer from Accessing the live chat from a particular brand, you can select the brand under Choose a brand.
    • Otherwise, click All brands to secure all your websites from the spammer.
    • You can add a Comment to describe the reason why you're blocking the user. Comments can be help full for other users to identify the reason why the person was blocked.
  • Can I share my screen with the visitor?

    Yes, you can provide your customers with on-demand support through remote assistance and screen sharing in the live chat window. You can also request your visitors for a remote assistance session and take control of their screen, and fix the issues in seconds.

  • What if I have a customer who speaks a foreign language? Can I translate my messages and send them to him/her?

    You can now support visitors from different countries in their own languages. Zoho SalesIQ instantly uses Google translator to translate visitors' messages on reception. Once the chat is received a message will be displayed. You can click on “ Translate” to get the chat translated or click on the “  x” to continue chatting in the visitor's language. 

  • Where can I add articles?

    To add a new article,

    • Inside the SalesIQ dashboard, navigate to Resources > Articles.
    • Click on Add.
    • Give your article a title and click Save.
    • The new editor powered by Zoho Writer will open and you can start drafting your article. 
  • Can I predefine responses to repeated questions?

    Yes, you can do so with Canned Replies. They are pre-programmed responses, solutions, links, etc. that you can create inside Zoho SalesIQ and use to answer questions that are frequently asked by customers. 

  • Where can I see my ongoing chats?

    In the Chats module, you can see the active chats that are handled by you. When you are engaged in more than one chat at the same time, the chat window neatly organizes your active chats into tabs.  You can also engage your customers in live chats and view visitor's in-depth info, add notes for future reference and download or mail the chat transcript, etc.