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SMS Integration - Twilio

Zoho Invoice now integrates with Twilio to enable you to send notifications to your customers via SMS. Twilio is a cloud communications platform that enables businesses to make and receive phone calls, SMS and perform other communication functions using its web service APIs.


Connect with Twilio

To set up this integration:


Now, Zoho Invoice will be connected with the Twilio and you’ll be able to view the SMS notifications that are enabled for your organization by clicking Configure below the integration.


You can enable or disable these notifications in the SMS Templates page.


Configure SMS Notifications & Templates

After you’ve connected your Zoho Invoice account with your Twilio account, you can configure SMS notifications. You can manually send SMS notifications for:

To configure SMS notifications:


The SMS notification will be enabled to all your customers by default. If you’d like to disable it,


Note: At the moment, you’ll not be able to edit the SMS that will be sent to your customers.

Send SMS Notifications

You can notify your customers via SMS when you create an invoice, or want to remind about payment you’re yet to receive or say thank you for the payment received.

Based on the SMS notifications that you’ve enabled, SMS will be automatically sent in the following cases:

Also, you can send SMS notifications manually. To send SMS manually:

The SMS notification will be sent immediately and the status of the SMS will be updated in the transaction history and contact activities.

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